Worst Domestic Airlines In India: Customer Reviews

Whatever the reviews we will share here are real customer reviews. Our intention here is not to downgrade any Indian Airlines but to make customers take better decisions while they travel by air in India.

This idea did not came all of a sudden to reviews worst Domestic airlines in India, but our team got a lot of request from customer who have faced these problems while travelling in India. Many of you might agree or not agree with our list, do not worry, drop your comment below and suggestions so that people can hear even your side of the story. We can promise you not to moderate any comments and you’re free to leave your feedback.

Note: Please do not skip paragraph as you may miss some really interesting story customers have to share that will help you avoid any future troubles while traveling with these domestic Airlines in India.

So here is the list of our worst domestic Airlines in India as per customer reviews:

Worst Indian Airlines 2017

Indigo Airlines: This airline have made it first in our list. You must have heard recent news about Indigo Airlines controversies involving even celebrity. We will not share that news here as you all have must known about it. In case you are not aware, just search in youtube about indigo airlines controversy and you will get a lot of interesting story.

Indigo Airlines Customer 1 Reviews:

But we are sharing a real customer story here, we are not sharing the customer name as requested by them, “On a recent flight from Varanasi to Bangalore. Indigo Staff discriminated against foreign travelers. Baggage allowance had a few discrepancies between what is mentioned on the websites and at the airport! No proper communication at the airport! I will never use this airline again.

Indigo Airlines Customer 2 Reviews:

This happened during Varanasi to Hyderabad flight, the flight was scheduled to depart at 7’o clock. The customer was traveling Gaya to Varanasi and Varanasi to Hyderabad. The flight from Gaya to Varanasi was with Air India and maximum Baggage allowance was 25 Kg and the customer had 24 KG so all okay till here. Now From Varanasi to Hyderabad it was Indigo Airlines, now during check in they stopped the customer saying you have 5 kg extra baggage. Each kg will cost you RS. 300, now passenger behind was ready to help as he had less baggage but the check in guy heard the both passenger taking and said we will not allow that also. This happens because even before customer could go for check in one of the Indigo staff saw the customer having more baggage and went ahead and inform the check in guy to make a note of that customer and take as much money you can, she just whispered in his ear. This was obvious as they customer was made to pay 1500 extra.

Indigo Airlines Customer 3 Reviews:

Thank You Indigo for your Shameful Mistake. Phone theft from my bag.

I travelled Jaipur to Mumbai, dated on 23 June with my family with Go-indigo Airlines. My Airline PNR Number : F77JKM, Flight : Indigo 6E-695.

At the Jaipur airport I submitted my 3 bags at Indigo check in point and when I collected my bags at Mumbai airport from Indigo Counter No. 4, that time my cell phone was not available in my bag. So it’s clearly showing that Indigo guys had stolen my phone.

The main part is so many things which I stored in my phone was totally personal, but with these rubbish indigo guys I lost my phone… Now they are not admitting that it’s their fault even they are saying that why you have put your phone in bag, open pocket, we are not responsible for bags pockets and the interesting thing is the customer team is saying that you have to check each and every pockets of your bag before to leaving airport…. bla bla…..

I am totally harassed by Indigo Team and they don’t have fair policy and good customer support. I will advise my all friends and relatives to don’t select indigo in your first choice.

With this incidence Indigo has shown that how they are cheap / Shameful / Disgraceful/Irresponsible/ Fake/ Security System and Cheap Services…

Indigo Airlines Customer 4 Reviews:

This is the worst airline and I have experienced multiple times. They just know to make money. All my bad wishes are with this airline.

Indigo Airlines Customer 5 reviews:

Worst services provided by Indigo airline, should change their name Indi-Low as they are extremely low when it comes to convenience, professionalism and services as I would share a recent incident with indigo as my flight was from Pune to Jammu via Delhi. It was 1hr late from Pune to Delhi and once I was in Delhi, 11B was the gate number and the departure was at 7.40am and I reached an 7.23am, 11B gate for Delhi to Jammu flight on 11th Dec, their staff is so ill mannered, a lady at boarding point did not allow to board in though more than 15 mins were remaining and was extremely ill mannered, I guess indigo train them for such services as she was not ready to listen at all and even other indigo staff member- a guy standing next said “ma’am sure nahi jaane dena hai” twice because he knew there was a possibility for me to board, but this frustrated woman did not allow. If indigo cannot monitor their and are regularly late, I think indigo should shut their services. After all this to collect my luggage as could not board it took another 3hrs as indigo staffs are extremely slow in their work. I was suggested by the security people to calls cops on them as they were taking so much time and after 3hrs got my luggage.



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Worst domestic Airlines in India Second

SpiceJet First Review: Discomfort both inside the plane and now outside. In general I have noticed that the travel discomfort and ear pain is peculiarly high in SpiceJet in comparison to other aircrafts – including all the low-cost fliers. In addition, they have that metallic frames around the seat pouches in front of you poke into your knees and the pain last for at least a day.

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SpiceJet Second Review:

Bangalore to Chandigarh via Hyderabad. I reached the Bangalore airport at around 12:30 so as to avoid any hassles. Then all of a sudden I see that our flight from Bangalore to Hyderabad has got delayed to around 18:10 and my other connecting flight from Hyderabad to Chandigarh was at 17:50 from Hyderabad. So there was no way I could get this flight. So, I asked Spicejet to provide any alternate flight to Chandigarh. As there were some other flights working for this area. But they said they can’t do that and told me that they can provide a flight from Bangalore to Delhi which will depart from Bangalore at 21:10 and will reach New Delhi at 00:05 and then next flight from New Delhi to Chandigarh at 07:10 and will reach Chandigarh at 08:05. They said I have no other options. When I asked for hotel/Lounge service as there is a total delay of nearly 12 hours to reach Chandigarh. They simply denied and said no such facilities are provided. They just provided 1 basic lunch. I had to spend more than 6 Hours in the Bangalore Airport with no Airport lounge/hotel facility and nearly 7 Hours in the New Delhi Airport with no Airport lounge/hotel facility. If this delay would be 30 minutes or 1 hour then I would have let it go. But this is not acceptable. I won’t recommend Spicejet to anyone.

Conclusion: As far as I have researched while writing this post, please avoid Indigo Airlines. You will thank me later.