WhatsApp Vs Telegram Which One Is Best Messenger App ?

WhatsApp Vs Telegram: There are thousands of apps available out there so it becomes really confusing sometimes to chose the ideal one. But, do not worry we have cover that for you.

Based on the number of downloads and reviews we have shortlist two of the best free messaging apps. One is Whatsapp and the other one is Telegram and here in this post we will try to find out which one is better?

Among many messenger apps there are only few which have best security and privacy settings. WhatsApp and Telegram are the top most messenger apps in the messenger category.

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Security for the apps is the most important key point. As the privacy matters for texting and sharing the content. Users who are most addicted to the messaging apps Whatsapp or Telegram. WhatsApp is the most common and highly downloaded app. It has almost 2 billion downloads.

 WhatsApp Vs Telegram Which One Is Best Messenger App ?

WhatsApp Vs Telegram

When it comes to matters of privacy and security of your messages we come up with top listed apps that is WhatsApp and Telegram.

End To End Encryption: WhatsApp Vs Telegram

Most of you might be aware about end to end encryption. This is the technology which is being adopted by many apps that intend to offer their users the most secure chatting environment. For the past few years, Telegram was known to be the king of privacy, but this was before WhatsApp jumped with a similar application of privacy measures.

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Both Apps have implemented the end to end encryption technology, but it works differently in each case. For WhatsApp users, the tech giant brought the same feature on board last year, where all forms of communication are protected from intrusion by third parties. In fact, the Facebook-owned app says that the company itself cannot gain access to your messages or calls no matter what.

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According to WhatsApp, the basic technology refers that end to end encryption means that any form of communication that takes place between users of the app, be it via a one to one chat or group chat, which is clearly protected by this Encryption technology. The logic that holds behind the encryption is When you send your friend a message, your phone holds the encryption key while the phone of your friend has the decryption key.

Other all functions of both the Whatsapp and Telegram is same. When we look from the privacy point of view, Whatsapp is the clear winner here. Also, going by the good reviews and number of downloads, Whatsapp has the upper hand.