WhatsApp Verified And Non Verified Feature ! Latest Business Feature

WhatsApp Verified And Non Verified Feature : No Wonder WhatsApp always creates a buzz in market with its upcoming features.

The features may be documents sharing, video calling features, status availability both image or video along with the text status, Location sharing which includes live location sharing and static.

Recently we got the update on deleting the message which was wrongly sent. However there is a time limit of 7 minutes. With in that span you can delete the message from the receiver whatsapp to which is a most interesting and very highend feature.

Now whatsapp introducing WhatsApp business which is highly recommended to business. Please go through the description to know more in detail.

WhatsApp Verified And Non Verified Feature ! Latest Business Feature

WhatsApp Verified And Non Verified Feature

WhatsApp is going to launch a new app apart from the regular WhatsApp which is known as WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp already detailed the business accounts and it also specified on how to find the verified and non-verified profiles.

From the sources we came to know that  business-focused Verified Profiles which was officially rolled out earlier this year, allowing companies to communicate with users.

WhatsApp shared the information that while chatting with the businesses you can check their profile to make sure that if that business is a verified account then it has a green checkmark badge at its profile or else you can see a grey color question mark which refers that it is not verified by whatsapp though he is using WhatsApp business.

Users need to understand that WhatsApp Business is different from regular whatsApp. Even the logo of the app is also changed from the calling symbol to which was placed inside the conversation bubble.

However the app UI looks similar, title bar says WhatsApp Business. This upcoming app includes the interesting features such as auto responses, creating a business profile, chat migration, and analytics.

Hope the above information helps in understanding about the WhatsApp Business App. Stay tuned to this website for more latest updates on the new tech updates, software releases, gadget releases and many more.

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