Whatsapp Update Latest Updates In Whatsapp Check Info Now

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Whatsapp Update: Whatsapp which is a well known messenger app. This application is known by every person from kids to old aged people. Every one now a days using whatsapp for messaging. In order to make the app more user friendly it keeps on updating. New features and many more updates which make a better feel whatsapp. Now a days a whatsapp not only used for only chatting it also gives you an option of sharing the images,videos,gifs even documents too. Now a days the updates make whatsapp very interesting. Below are the complete information about the new updates and also steps suggested how to update whatsapp. As every one aware of these updates but just as a refresher and also it will help to the users who not yet updated.

Whatsapp Update Latest Updates In Whatsapp Check Info Now

Whatsapp Update

As we all know the user interface of the Whatsapp which is very easy to navigate and every thing easily can be understand. First below are the steps which will help you in updating the Whatsapp

Steps To Whatsapp Update:

  • Open play store and search for Whatsapp messenger
  • You can see a list in that open the app by tapping on it
  • Once you open the app you can see a button says UPDATE
  • Tap on the button and it start installing the updates
  • That’s it

The latest Updates apart from the Video calling, phone calls, videos ,gifs  etc . There is some thing which is updated recently. The STATUS which every one used to update now it will be shown as an update to all your contacts or some specified people you select. And also from the interface the Contacts tab is removed instead STATUS tab is added. And the updated status will be there only for 24hrs.

  • As from the below image you can see the tabs there is no Contacts which was not present at now. New tab Status is present in it.

Whatsapp Update

  • There is another privacy setting (Status privacy) for status like it can be shown to all your contacts, except few persons from your contacts or you can only share the status to the selected candidates which is detailed in the below image




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