WhatsApp Undo Feature Is Now Available ! Check How It Works

WhatsApp Undo Feature Every one is well aware of WhatsApp and how to use this messenger app. As of now there are billion of users using this application. WhatsApp always comes with different features that makes this app best and competes with the other messenger apps.

These kind of features makes this app to be on top of all other messenger applications. This WhatsApp includes the features like calling both audio and video which they included way long back. Sharing the all kind of files and documents which is an advanced feature in this app.

Sharing the location is the best way to share your address but they also introduced Live Location which is another feature that keeps a track on your movement, isn’t cool.

Recently couple of days back a new feature which every WhatsApp user is looking for is WhatsApp Undo Feature which means you can undo the sent message. Yes now the feature is active in all the WhatsApp accounts. Please go through the below description in order to know the complete details about the WhatsApp Recall Feature and how to undo the sent message everything is shared in the description

WhatsApp Undo Feature Is Now Available ! Check How It Works

WhatsApp Undo Feature

The above image is the self explanatory. If you are unable to find any of the feature or options in your WhatsApp please update it so that new features will be automatically included in the WhatsApp.

In order to undo the message which you were wrongly sent to the other person, please follow the below steps that will help you to recall the message but there is a constraint that there is a time limit. If you sent a message 7 min back then it can be deleted if it exceeds more than that then you can’t delete.

So whenever you wrongly sent any message you have a chance of deleting that message with in 7 minutes.

Steps To Check WhatsApp Undo Feature :

  • First of all open the app and contact to which you have wrongly sent message
  • Once you open the chat conversation. Long tap on the message which you want to delete
  • Once you select the message you can see the Bin symbol on top
  • Tap on that Bin which is used to delete the message
  • Once you tap you can see the options like Delete For ME, CANCEL, DELETE FOR EVERY ONE
  • Now if you want to delete the message from the recipients chat to then select the third option that delete for every one or if you would like to delete in your chat only then opt for delete for me.
  • Once you delete the message you will see You deleted this message  notification at deleted message.
  • On the other hand recipient will see as This Message Was Recalled if you delete the message.

Hope these steps help you guys to understand about the feature. Stay tuned to this website for more latest updates on the new gadget releases, technology tips, software updates, technology ticks and many more