WhatsApp To Allow Any File Type Shares Soon- Full Details Here

WhatsApp a well known messenger app, every user know about the app and every smartphone user install the app in priority. The messenger app always release different updates along with the features including it.

There are already different features included in the app in these recent days like, the audio call, video calls, image and video status, replying to a particular message in the chat, bookmark the message, search any message in the chat and many more.

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As every one knows that there is a feature of sharing files in whatsApp. The files like audios, images and videos are already supported media formats that any user can share it.

There is an update on the supported media formats(WhatsApp Shares Any File Type) that we can share over WhatsApp. Check the complete details from the below description.

WhatsApp To Allow Any File Type Shares Soon- Full Details Here

WhatsApp Shares Any File Type

As every WhatsApp users aware that it allows us to share. images, videos, audio, locations, and documents.

However, due to some reasons, the company has limited us to just a few specific file types to share, like PDFs, Word documents, speadsheets, and slides. If you tried to share anything other format files than supported, then the files would be grayed out.

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But as per the recent updates from the company we came to know that there is no restrictions on file sharing. we came to know that for beta versions we can share any file format with out any issues.

However, very soon it will be available to all the regular users.

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Check The Steps On WhatsApp File Sharing:

  • Users need to open the WhatsApp in their smartphone
  • Once you open the app open the chat screen with whom you want to chat
  • you can click on the paper clip option beside the text box where you type the text
  • select the option which were listed and then select the file and then send it.
  • There will be different options under the list.
  • paper
  • You can see the option like Document, gallery, Audio, Contact and location.
  • In the document option you can select the documents which you want to share. and also you can share the images from the gallery and audios format from the audios files.
  • There is an option where you can also share the contacts in WhatsApp.
  • There is another feature where you can also send your current location which help your friends to reach you as per your exact location.

These are the best supporting features for users that included in the whatsApp.

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Hope this information helps you in knowing that the messenger app is coming with a different feature that helps in sharing any type of media file. Stay tuned to this website for more updates on the latest gadget releases, software updates, tips and tricks involved in performance enhancement and many more.