Coolest Whatsapp Tricks On The Internet To Make You Expert

Coolest Whatsapp Tricks On The Internet: There is no need of special introduction for this most effective and popular instant messaging app none other than Whatsapp. Almost most of the users using the whatsapp than any other messaging apps. But most of the people don’t have the idea about the hidden tricks in whatsapp. Today we are going to reveal the coolest whatsapp tricks on the internet that will make an expert on the app. Don’t believe us? you will after the end of this article. What’s the bonus you will get apart from learning the best whatsapp tricks, well we have even listed most frequently asked whatsapp queries to solve all your doubts.

Whatsapp Tips AND Tricks For Android Devices: Best Whatsapp Tricks On The Internet

Whatsapp Tips AND Tricks

Basic Whatsapp Tips AND Tricks which most of the users were unaware of it.

How can I listen to WhatsApp messages close-mouthed?

Voice messages are the best feature for the users who were lazy in typing the messages. As wen you play the voice message it usually played through main speaker. This will allow you all the nearest people will listen. There is a simple solution for this which gives you a best result. You need to just hold the phone to your ear. By doing this proximity sensor will think it is a standard phone call and will automatically switch speakers.

Whatsapp Tips AND Tricks

How do I cancel a WhatsApp voice message?

voice message

In order to send a voice message via WhatsApp you need to hold the record button. Once you stop pressing the button the message will be automatically sent. But even though it is sent, still you are able to cancel those messages. Just slide your finger to the left of the input field and a small trash can will appear. This indicates that your message has been deleted. So simple as that. 

How do I mark a favorite WhatsApp message? It’s something like to mark as important.


If you are a heavy WhatsApp user and you send and receive lots of messages daily. And you forgot few messages which were sent by your frnd, boss etc etc. In order to remember those messages which you feel important whatsapp bought favourites as a feature which will remember your message when you mark it as favourite. In order to do this

Go to the conversation and press long on the message you want to bookmark, after long press you find few options on top in that press on the star at the top.

To access your favourite messages, go to the main window and then click on the three vertical dots. Then enter the “Important Messages” tab and you will find your favourite messages there.

How do I send a file to a contact on WhatsApp?

As whatsApp is now also helping users in sending the files. In order to do this just follow the same procedure as above to find your contact, this time you will need to press on the paperclip and choose “Document.” Once you choose now you’ll be accessing your phone memory, select the file you want and then send it.

How do I send my location or a contact number via WhatsApp?

Rather explaining where you stay and where you’re right now over call now you can send the location directly to the other end person via WhatsApp. This feature is very helpful because it helps other person to reach you via navigation and reaches you correctly.  All you need to do is go to the chat window for your contact, and then click on the top right paperclip.In the menu select “Location” (obviously) and you will be given multiple options. Select the option which best fits where your current location is, and it will be sent to your contact.

Same way if you want to send any contact details, simply select “Contact” on the same menu, pick one from the contacts list and confirm with the arrow.

 How can I participate in WhatsApp beta?

Beta version is like testing the version of the App. Like many apps, Facebook / WhatsApp offers its users the opportunity to test the new features release in a pre-release version. Once you’re all signed up you can install the beta version of WhatsApp from the Play Store.

WhatsApp beta

How can I send messages with Google Now via WhatsApp?

With out using your hands you can send messages, you should know that you can go through Google Now to send messages via WhatsApp and it can be done entirely by speech interface?

Simply you can start it by manually or just say “Okay Google” (if you have it voice enabled), and then say “Send to #message #contact on WhatsApp.” For example, “send Hai to Kevin on WhatsApp.” The application will then ask you to confirm, so you can either press the arrow or confirm vocally.

How do I make an audio or video call using WhatsApp?

This is far simple as you make calls directly on your dial pad.  On the conversation window in whatsapp you will find in the top right the symbol of a phone receiver next to the paperclip. Press it, and the application will ask if you want to make an audio call or video call. Just select your preferred function and the call will automatically start.

Blocking and muting

How do I block someone whom you don’t want to be in contact on WhatsApp?

It’s very simple. Open the conversation with the contact, press the “Menu” key and select “Block.” If you decide its time to start talking again, you can find your list of blocked contacts in Settings > My Account > Privacy.

How do I block and report spam on WhatsApp?

There is an update from the App Since WhatsApp version 2.1.23 was introduced it has been possible to block and report users as spam, if you receive messages you don’t like or they are spamming you. You’ll be offered this option every time, unless the contact you want to spam is already in your address book. So there should be any contact saved with the number you want to make it as spam

How do I stop someone from calling or messaging me on WhatsApp?

If you do not want to receive calls from certain contacts, you can simply block them. To do this, go to the WhatsApp Settings, select “My Account” and then “Privacy”. You will find “Blocked”, and the procedure for blocking contacts will be outlined in there. In the new window click on the small icon at the top right and choose the contacts to block.

How do I delete my WhatsApp account?

delete my WhatsApp account

For anyone wanting to leave WhatsApp, it is possible to delete your account. If you do decide on this option you should know that all of your contacts, message history and other settings will be deleted completely, and you will not be able to restore this data if you end up changing your mind.

The steps you need to follow if you really want to delete WhatsApp, go to “Settings” and then enter the “My Account” tab. You will then find the “Delete my account” option. Confirm your selection by pressing the “Delete my account” tab.

What do I do if my smartphone is stolen?

For this also there is a solution. If your device has been stolen your best option is to remove the number from your network, or at least to block the SIM card. If for whatever reason you aren’t able to do any of this – again don’t panic, you can deactivate your account via email. As said, this option is not effective if the thief can connect to your WhatsApp account.

Just send an email clearly outlining your situation and a specific request to deactivate your WhatsApp account. Once you send the message, you’ll have 30 days notice prior to deactivation. In other words, if you reconnect within 30 days after sending the email, the procedure will be cancelled.

Here’s the information your email needs to include:

  • The subject of the email should be “Lost / Stolen: Deactivate my account”
  • In the body of the email, type “Please deactivate my account. # 33 your-number”

After following these steps, please send email to [email protected] If necessary, WhatsApp will contact you for more information with your request.

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