WhatsApp Text Only Status Is Back For Ios Users On High Demand

WhatsApp Text Only Status: The new feature on WhatsApp status which was disliked by most of the users. This made Whatsapp to bring back the old text status on Android users now the new news has just came in that WhatsApp Text Only Status Is Back For Ios Users alos.

As you might be aware, it the big change to Whatsapp status when you post any status it will be disappeared after 24 hrs similar to the Snapchat and Instagram stories. It is totally different from what it used to be where when you change the status it remains same. In the new status update where you can upload videos, pics as a status. This feature is just similar to snapchat. The users of the snapchat knows much better about this.

WhatsApp Text Only Status Is Back Now In IOS Check Details

WhatsApp Text Only Status

Based on every ones opinion that results in WhatsApp’s ‘Snapification’ hasn’t quite gone to plan. The feature which is interesting for few users is that the Status in the style of disappearing Stories just like on Snapchat and Instagram. However, there is an update on the text status which is coming back for iOS users. This is good news for the users who all are very fond of text status. As per the updates the text status are already back. The text-only Status had already made a return on Android, apart from this as per the resources it looks like this is back on iOS as well.

The WhatsApp’s latest update for iOS version is 2.17.10 which brings back the text-only status update. As now this status option is available in your profile. In your profile you will found About option under that option you can find the Text Status . Apart from this you can also rediscover your old Status message, by just tapping on Settings and then on your profile picture that’s it you can view your text status.

You can WhatsApp Text Only Status in the about option in your profile 

You can see your last status update when you check your About option in your profile. And you can also see the status which is currently showing under your profile picture just tap on that status, and you’ll be taken to the list of customized status updates. As you can see the list of customized texts you can easily choose one of those or just add your new one. In order top add a new status update just tap on your customized status message, and a new tab will open where you can type in a new update, and then save it.  Once you save the status this will then reflect under your name on WhatsApp.
As Text Status returns the new feature will not be removed from the view. WhatsApp’s new Status feature, which is shown in separate tab on the app, will be continue to remain same there is no change for the new WhatsApp status. But the only change we will notice is that the text-only Status update is back on users demand, we can say thanks to people missing the old style update. The text status feature was very pretty useful, at least you could see a person’s Status and if they had marked it as busy or ‘At the gym’, you will knew that you should not expect a reply from them at that point of time.

More fun being about Facebook copying Snapchat and Twitter 

There is common feature rolling out every where. If you look across the range of Facebook-owned products you will easily notice one thing that’s clear is this: All the apps started looking more like Snapchat. For example Instagram has ‘Stories’, Messenger also has something called Messenger Day, which is nothing but a copy of Stories, and now even WhatsApp’s Status has been turned into a ‘Stories’ copycat’. Oh, and Facebook is testing out ‘Stories’ in some countries and the global rolled out is expected soon.

As these stories feature well worked for few apps just like Instagram. While Stories has worked well on Instagram with over 150 million users, and in fact even taken away traffic from Snapchat, but unfortunately things haven’t worked out so well for WhatsApp or so it seems. The messaging app, which is really popular in India with over 160 million monthly active users here, has faced criticism over the new feature.

Thankfully for now, text-only Status is back. So for those who don’t care, they can get back to ignoring the new ‘Status’ tab.