WhatsApp Night Mode Feature For iOS User! How To Enable

Whatsapp is known for bringing new updates to keep its users from switching to other apps.

We have to agree that Whatsapp has introduced some of the coolest features that is very hard find in any free apps.

And keeping the trends alive, Whatsapp has come up with one more feature called as WhatsApp Night Mode Feature.

What is Whatsapp night mode iphone Feature and how to get night mode in whatsapp? if you want to know these details then you must read this full article which has every detail you need to know about this new Whatsapp night mode iphone feature.

Here is the deal

Night mode in Whatsapp is currently only available for iPhone users, but very soon whatsapp night mode android will be rolled out. We will post an update on this page once Whatsapp night mode android is launched. However, we have shared a workaround for the time being at the bottom of this page to use Whatsapp night mode on Android devices.

It gets better

As I told you earlier, this most popular app keep rolling out new feature and some those popular features are WhatsApp video calls, audio calls, video status, bookmark the messages, GIFs, searching the emojis and many more are the decent features included in the app. There are many more upcoming features like ‘Unsend’ the messages. This Unsend feature is used to revert back the messages which were wrongly send.

Want to know the best part?

However, there is a recent update for WhatsApp iOS Users i.e,Whatsapp night mode iphone which is recently updated only for iOS users and allows whatsapp night mode on iphone.

Whatsapp night mode iphone For iOS User! How To Enable

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature only for the iOS users. The feature is known as Night Mode. Most of the users don’t have an idea about this feature.

The main reason behind this idea of introducing Night Mode in WhatsApp is so that users of the app can enjoy enhanced camera performance even in low-light conditions.

As most of the users are aware of few features like you don’t have to always upload or share an already captured photo in the app. Whatsapp already has an inbuilt feature that users can capture a live photo and can easily share it with friends using the camera mode. There is an icon beside the text box which helps you in sending the live photos.

When you tap on the camera icon the camera app will be opened and you can capture the pics and share it with the contacts instantly.

How To Enable Whatsapp night mode iphone Feature For iOS User:

Enabling the WhatsApp Night Mode Feature For iOS user is very simple. There is nothing more to tweak the settings in order to enable to this. A simple Tap that helps you in enabling the night mode at the same time how to disable also.

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Below are the steps suggested along with the image that helps you in clear understanding about the Night Mode feature in iOS Mobile.

WhatsApp Night Mode Feature For iOS User

As shown in the above image, you just need to open the WhatsApp and then open the in-app camera feature to capture a photo, once you open the cam you will notice a new half moon icon appearing right next to the flash icon on the top right hand-side of your screen. To activate this feature, simply hit the moon icon and Night Mode will be enabled. Before it’s activated, the icon appears in white color and once you tap on it, you’ll notice that it turns yellow but keeps the same shape.

Unless you launch the in-app camera feature on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see this new Night Mode feature and as noted.

As promised above here is how to use Whatsapp night mode Android

  • It will help prevent your eyes from hurting when the screen is too bright
  • Low light usage for reading, browsing, texting or gaming
  • Disable hardware or soft buttons backlight
  • If you have an AMOLED display, you can also save battery!

Download Whatsapp night mode Android APK from HERE

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About Whatsapp: Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded IM app in the world. It is considered as one of best free apps in the world with appealing user interface. The app is currently owned by Facebook. One of the best part about this app is your messages are encrypted that means no one will be able to read your messages not even Whatsapp. Whatsapp night mode iphone is one such feature which sure to improve the performance of the app. Whatsapp night mode Android is coming soon.

Conclusion: Whatsapp night mode iphone is trending everywhere and using this feature has enhanced the whatsapp feature even more. Our suggestions would be to give it a try as it worked perfect during our testing. Should you have any question, drop us a comment below and we will reply the same day.

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