WhatsApp For Laptop | Check Latest Updates Of 2017

The answer is yes! if you’re wondering whether we can use Whatsapp for Laptop. The steps to set up Whatsapp for laptop is very simple and our stesp described in the steps below is one of the most simpler steps available on the internet.

We will set up Whatsapp for laptop in just five steps. Details about whatsapp and Whatsapp for laptop is provided below:

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Whatsapp in known for surprising users with latest updates. Although, using whatsapp for laptop was possible from long back but new updates from Whatsapp has made it more interesting.

Apart from the above feature, recently rolled out feature from Whatsapp includes searching the emojis, GIFs, share the APK file using WhatsApp and earlier features like image or video status along with text status, voice calls, video calls, bookmark the messages, sending reply to a particular message in chat and many more upcoming features like unsend the message which means cancel the message which was wrongly sent.

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WhatsApp For Laptop | Check Latest Updates Of 2017

WhatsApp For Laptop

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For web clients there is no need to download any application. There will be a link you need to open and Whatsapp can be easily accessed. On the other hand for desktop version a small file needs to be downloaded and installed to use WhatsApp.

Below are the clear steps suggested on how to use WhatsApp For Laptop both Web version and also desktop version.

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WhatsApp For Laptop

How To Use WhatsApp For Laptop In Web Version:

  • Click on the link which is given beside https://web.whatsapp.com/
  • Once you click on the link  a page with QR code is displayed on the screen
  • Open your WhatsApp in your smart phone
  • Tap on the settings (three dots)
  • After that tap on the WhatsApp web
  • Your cam will be active and ready to scan the QR code
  • Scan the QR code which was on the Laptop or Desktop screen
  • That it your WhatApp will be shown on your machine and you can easily use it until your smart phone is active and connected to whatsapp

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How To Use WhatsApp For Laptop In Desktop Version:

  • In order to use a desktop version of WhatsApp you need to download the app
  • Users need to visit the WhatsApp.com and click on download tab
  • Once you click on download tab you can see the Download link for desktop OS versions like MAC or Windows
  • Click on the related link
  • Once the app is successfully downloaded
  • Open the app a page will be loaded with a QR code
  • As said earlier open Whatsapp in mobile and scan the QR code to get the  WhatsApp For Laptop or Desktop

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