WhatsApp For Business APK File Available For Download

WhatsApp For Business APK File Available For Download


A while back there was reports that Whatsapp is testing other version of the app completely for business purpose. After Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook they are concentrating more on generating revenue from the app. Taking one step forward Whatsapp for Business will be rolled out to public soon. We will clear all the confusion on this post.

Before Whatsapp finally launch the WhatsApp For Business app they are rolling it out to some users who were part of the beta version of the app to get the overall review of the app before it gets launched to public.

A report published on Androidpolice.com suggested that WhatsApp for business APK file is now available for download.

The whatsapp-gb apk 2018 is now available.

However there are a lot of confusion among users on how the whole process will work. We will try to clear most of the confusion in the below post:

WhatsApp For Business Works:

So, the first thing to note here is, you will have to register the new version of the app with new number and your current number which is associated with your current Whatsapp account i.e your personal whatsapp number will not work. One good thing is you can install both the app on the same device but you will have to register the new one with new number.

Once more news that we were able to find that even your landline number will work. You can register Whatsapp for business from your landline number also.

Those who want to keep their personnel and business account private they will find it easy to manage.

In explaining how the WhatsApp for Business actually works, the messaging platform illustrates certain instances to make it easy for the users to choose the best option that works the best for them.

If a user wants only a business account on WhatsApp: All that the user needs to do is, first register for the WhatsApp for Business app, and then transfer all their business contacts to WhatsApp Business. This option is most sensible if the user doesn’t wish to user WhatsApp for personal conversation and wants it for business purpose.

You can read more about it here.

The app is limited to few users on Playstore

On Playstore, ‘WhatsApp Business’ has been added separate from the usual WhatsApp app. One thing that you will notice here is the company has even changed the logo of the app. The new logo include a B inside the green conversation bubble instead of the calling symbol.

The app will even allow you to migrate your personal account to a business account if you don’t want to use the contact number for personal messages.

When we tried to download the beta version we don not got the option to download as it is only available for few users. However, we are expecting that soon it will be launched to public.

Currently for personnel account Whatsapp 2.17.249 is available for download.

Once the APK is available we will make sure to update it here on Gadgetdose.com. Please make sure to us us among your friends.