Whatsapp Features Check Six Whatsapp Features Most Useful

Whatsapp Features: The most commonly used instant messenger is WhatsApp. Every one knows about this app but most of the user actually don’t know about the features which were embedded in this awesome app. As there are many things we would like to see on WhatsApp, but the fact is that the Facebook-owned company has been making a lot of steady improvements. There are so many features now available in this app, like make a video call, or add a GIF, and a whole lot more.  Today we are going to explain about some of the not-so-obvious WhatsApp features that you may not be aware of, but you can find these features are very useful.

Whatsapp Features Check Six Whatsapp Features Most Useful

Whatsapp Features

We listed Six features from our end which will be very useful:

1) Two-factor authentication:

There is an update recently on WhatsApp verification, as whatsapp rolled out anew way of authentication for their users that is two-factor authentication for its chat service. If you just remember that, there’s no username and password. In order to use WhatsApp – you just need to type your phone number and verify it via an One Time Password OTP SMS.

If someone steals your phone, even if the phone is locked down, they could take out your SIM card and put it in a different phone. With just that much effort, they would have access to your WhatsApp account, as it would just require an SMS to verify the new phone.

But to protect your whatsapp from these kind of issues you can safe your whatsapp by enabling two-factor authentication, you can protect yourself from such fraudulent behavior, as it will ask you to set a six digit password, which WhatsApp will ask every time you try to re-verify your account. And in case you forget your password, there’s a way to reset it via email too.

2) Reply to a specific message in a group chat

There are many situations that while conversing on a topic and you reply a little which results the other side person wondering about the context because for what topic you’re replying he /she cant understand. So, to clear these ambiguity whatsapp came up with a feature. In WhatsApp conversations, press and hold on a particular line of text, and hit the backward arrow button that appears on top on Android (or tap ‘reply’ on an iPhone). This lets you quote the particular message in a conversation, which you can comment on. Also, tapping on a quoted WhatsApp reply scrolls the conversation to the position of the original message.

3) Find out who’s read your message in a group chat  

There is a feature where you can know that the other person read your message or not. In a one-on-one conversation, it is easy to figure out whether the recipient has read your WhatsApp message, thanks to the blue colored double tick symbol.

But what about a WhatsApp group conversation, it’s not as obvious to tell who exactly from the group has read your message. There’s actually an easy way to find this out – press and hold the message and hit the ‘i’ button on the top on Android (‘info’ on an iPhone). Here, you’ll get to see how many people from the WhatsApp group have read this particular message. In iOS, you can also just hold and drag the message to the left to go to that menu.

4) Listen to voice messages discreetly

Most off the people send voice messages rather typing the messages. As some people prefer sending WhatsApp voice messages but there is a common problem with this is that hitting the ‘play’ button makes the voice message play on the speakerphone by default. This may be a problem when you’re in the vicinity of others and would prefer if they didn’t hear it.

As a part of the solution which is very simple – just hit the ‘Play’ button and put the phone to your ear – it will automatically switch from speakerphone to the earpiece and play the WhatsApp voice message back there.

5) Manipulate text for better emphasis

Not only in wordpress and in word documents now whatsapp also came with a feature of font style like bold and italic.  To use these there’s certain syntax that you can apply to manipulate text for better emphasis on WhatsApp. For example, applying an asterisk before and after words (e.g *like so*) makes them appear in bold (like so) in the WhatsApp conversation. Similarly, adding underscores (e.g _like this_) makes text appear italicised (like this), and words enclosed inside two tilde symbols (~) strikes them off.

6) Message a user in a group to get their attention

You can target or give an attention on any person in the group by adding @symbol you can get the list of people in the group and you can select one among them to which the message is dedicated to . It is similar like tagging the person in the facebook. These are the most common features which makes your chat more interesting and enjoyable with your loved ones.

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