Disabled Whatsapp Blue Ticks With This Step

WhatsappBlue tick is one the best feature of Whatsapp that tells up whether the message sent by us has been read or not. Here in this post we will be covering how to disable Whatsappblue ticks for read messages and how to disable Whatsappblue ticks for read messages iPhone.

How Whatsapp Blue Tricks works?

If single tick is present then you’ve send the message but he is not online, if double tick is shown then the message delivered to recipient but he didn’t open the message, if double tick with blue color then the message is read by the recipient. This blue color double tick feature is not liked by ¬†most of the users as if by chance they open the message then the person who sent will come to know that they read the message and if they don’t reply the other person may feel sad or upset. The same situations between boyfriend and girlfriend, if they read the messages and don’t reply on time then there will be third and fourth world war at a time, isn’t it LOL! So it’s really worth to learn Whatsapp blue ticks disable. Along with that we have also cover Whatsapp blue ticks disable iPhone users and Whatsapp blue ticks disable windows phone.

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Coming to the point how to disable Whatsapp Blue Tick feature so that the other people don’t come to know that we read the message.¬† We are sharing the detailed guide on disable blue ticks from Whatsapp and you will learn here how to disable Whatsapp blue ticks also you will learn how to disable Whatsapp blue ticks iPhone.

Check the below article which will explain you in detail how to hide Whatsapp Blue Ticks along with the images.

WhatsApp Blue Tick Can Be Disabled Check Below To Know How To Do

WhatsApp Blue Tick

In order to use this feature first and foremost your whatsApp should have latest version(2.17.120) or in Beta Version.

Once you check the version and it is not the latest one then it is recommended to update the WhatsApp from the play store. Once you update the app follow the below instructions which will help you in disabling the Whatsappblue tick feature.

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Below are the steps along with the picture just take a look and follow it:

Step1: Open the WhatsApp in your smartphone and tap on the three dots on top right and then you will notice an option saying “Settings” tap on that


Step2: After you tap on Settings then tap on “Account”


Step3: Once you tap on Account then tap on “Privacy”


Step4: Scroll Down to bottom and you can see a category name “Read Receipts” with a message stating ” If you turnoff read receipts you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people. Read receipts are always sent for group chat”

blue tick

Once you un-check the box then none of them will notice that whether you read the messages or not, as they unable to see the Whatsappblue ticks on the messages which they sent to you at the same time you even can’t see Whatsappblue ticks under the messages which you sent to others.

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Hope this feature trick helps many relationships. Stay tuned to this website for more latest tricks like Whatsappblue in the app settings, latest gadget releases and many more.

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