UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App For iOS Users

UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App is the latest application in the app stores. A new app which was released in the month of March. UPTIME is the googles app which available only for iOS users, it is not available for Android users as of now.

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UPTIME is the latest project from Google Startup incubator. Google Incubator means the employees of google spend their 20% of their time on approved projects, Uptime is one of them.

In short UPTIME enables multiple YouTube viewers to watch the same video in real-time while chatting and sharing reactions with one another. Go through the below information to know complete details about the app and also how to use the app and what all the features included in that app.

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 UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App For iOS Users

UPTIME Youtube's Co-Viewing App

This UPTIME application was made by Google. The app was first accessible to few selected people in the US. UPTIME is now available only for iOS device versions(there’s still no Android version). The app has been updated a few times in order to include a new home screen in which users can easily discover videos, music video support, and also a way to find friends through Facebook social network.

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Now anyone can search for videos using the app. It’ll let you find friends with common connections. You can also engage with friends while watching videos through comments, stickers, “sparkles”, hearts – and all your activity is accessible from the profile page.

Here is the Link to Download UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App DOWNLOAD

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Users may have different questions on how to download the app, from where to download, how to use the app and many more. please so through the below information to know about the app in detail.

How To Use UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App:

Uptime can installed only in iOS as the app is available only for the iOS users. Download the app from the Apple store. And login the app with your username that is associated with Google account so that friends will be able to connect with you in the app.

How To Share Videos In UPTIME Youtube’s Co-Viewing App:

Sharing a video in UPTIME app is very simple. Search for a video in app or input a video url in the search. Video will be displayed click on that after write a post comment and click “Share” to then post your video onto the Uptime Homepage feed.

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This video will be shown to all those who were following you in the app. There is an additional feature that will help them to notify for this you have to enable an option “Notify friends” then they will be notified as well when you share the video.

Who All Are My Friends In This UPTIME App:

Users of the app who chose to follow you. People who follow you in the app are selected as friends, Whenever your friend posts a video or likes a video, you will see this in your Home screen

Here is the UPTIME SPECIFICATIONS and FEATURES which helps you in understanding the complete features about the application.

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