Turn Laptop Display Into Touch Screen

Yes, you can actually turn your laptop display to touchscreen. There is a simple trick which will make you this possible. Go through the complete informative below to know about the trick and how you can use that trick to Turn Laptop Display Into Touch Screen.

Now you guys no need to worry about that you don’t hold a laptop that is not a touch screen. Because today we help you in making you normal laptop display to touchscreen. The trick is so as simple as like plug in the UDB in the USB port. Silly right, but yes it is really simple. Before we proceed explain to avail this touchscreen feature we should pay for a gadget that makes this thing possible and not worry it varies as per the laptop screen size and also it is affordable. Check the complete details about the gadget and the pricing from the below complete information

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Turn Laptop Display Into Touch Screen With Simple Trick

Turn Laptop Display Into Touch Screen

This feature is avail for both the windows and MAC laptops. Neonode’s AirBar is the gadget which fulfill the dream of tuning the laptops displays to touch screen easily.

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How It Works:

Neonode’s AirBar is a magnetic laptop accessory that helps you in tuning your normal laptop display to touch screen. This accessory usually sits at the bottom of your laptop’s display and tracks hand and finger movements and gestures. With these tracking of finger movements and gestures the gadget gains the feasibility to replicate the touch screen capabilities.

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For Apple laptops you can avail this Airbag by per-ordering. And it is used only on MacBook Air model.

Here is the DIRECT LINK from where you can get the Neonode’s AirBar for MacBook AIr model.

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However for the Windows 10 users can largely and easily take advantage of this accessory which is just gives you plug-and-touch solution immediately.

What Scree Sizes It Support:

Neonode’s AirBar accessory is available for three screen sizes i.e, 13.3-inch, 14-inch and 15.6-inch.

It can be easily works and can also easily recognizes the touch with a finger, glove, paintbrush, stylus and more. Laptop users can easily perform the various gestures, such as tap, swipe, pinch, zoom and rotate. These all can be done on a non-touch laptop with just a simple gadget AirBar attached to it. Very attractive and simple right.

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Irrespective of what laptop brand you are using, as long as it has one of the three screen sizes and runs Windows 10, you’re good to go. AirBar also made its debut in India, listing three variants of the plug-and-touch accessory exclusively on Amazon India.

How Much It Costs:

Neonode AirBar costs Rs. 4,999 for 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch, which are pretty standard laptop screen sizes

If you own a 14-inch notebook, then the Neonode AirBar priced at Rs. 5,988.

How To Use:

air bar

AirBar is also known as a plug-and-touch solution for laptops . The reason why it is called is explained below.

The Neonode AirBar is a magnetic bar that is attached to the bottom of your laptop screen, and a USB wire connects to your laptop’s port.

Once the whole setup is placed correctly, the charged bar will start emitting an invisible light on the screen to track movements and gestures done by the user and translates them into corresponding units. For end users, it looks like you’re using a touch-screen laptop.

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However every device will have some challenges, here this Neonode AirBar also has its own challenges. If there is little or no space at the bottom of the laptop display then it is not useful. Along with that it is very important for the users to remember that they have to remove the AirBar before closing the laptop, or else there is a risk of getting damaged both devices.

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