How To Track a Phone Without Them Knowing- Works in UK

The tricks & methods that we are sharing below are most useful for UK folks and nearby.

Don’t lose hope we have even added a few apps that work in any country.

Now for peeps who are in the UK now, if you want to learn how to track a phone without them knowing, we can definitely help.

The tools shared here are specially made to get information from these locations.


Because the database is not updated to included information other countries as of now.

If you are searching from another location then this article on the phone number tracker will come in handy.

I understand if we want to track someone’s mobile we want to be discreet. And, therefore I’ll make sure to share only apps and websites that can take care of our privacy.

If you want to just find out the mobile number user like their name, location, and the network they are using. Many apps are there that can do the job. And without the target user knowing.

However, if you are looking to track a phone without them knowing in the United Kingdom. I’ll share just two apps that can do the job, instead of sharing 100’s of them which do not work.

Pro tip: There are apps that claim to be free but they never are. Upon using you will be disappointed in few ways 1. You will not get proper results instead of 2. Your data will be leaked. I’m telling this after writing about mobile security for quite some time now. Spending money is not always a bad thing especially when it comes to your privacy.

There are two sections on this post.

In the first section, I’ll share mobile tracker apps. These apps can get all the details about victims’ phones without giving any clue to them. Impressive right?

And in the second section, I’ll share apps that can tell the mobile number details of unknown numbers. You can jump to whichever section you were looking for.

How to track a phone without them knowing


First Section:

One app that we have been reviewing and recommending for 3 years now is mSpy app. The reason for recommending this app is because I have used many mobile tracker apps before switching to mSpy. Also, I wanted to suggest apps that can be installed remotely.

I have been writing about this app on Facebook and a few other blogs as well. They even have a function where their support team will help install this app remotely to target the phone.

mSpy app can:

  1. Track any phone location.
  2. Get you all details of victims WhatsApp account, Facebook account, Instagram account, etc.
  3. You will know all password typed on the phone.
  4. Can see all images and videos stored on the phone.
  5. Access all the incoming and outgoing calls.
  6. And many more feature

Note: In return for sharing this app, we expect something from you. Please never misuse this app. It’s very much important to get the target phone user consent to track them.

With so many features, there is one feature I don’t like about this app.

You will have to install this app on the phone which you want to track. Meaning you would need to access target mobile for at least 1o mins to install this app.

But, if you are able to do this, just imagine that amount control you will have over that mobile. And, trust me it’s worth taking that risk.

Okay, so where can you download this app?

Here is the link to download mSpy app

Learn how you can install mSpy on Android phone

Know how you can install mSpy on iPhone.

2. Truecaller Professional:

I know you are aware of this app. But there are few features of the app that are worth using.

The trick here is to get Truecaller professional feature.

With Truecaller app professional feature you can remain hidden and get all the information about the unknown number.

If you simply search someone of the Truecaller app, they will get to know. But with the professional feature, you can remain hidden and find out all the details.

Here is how to get Truecaller Professional app.

To buy Premium, open Truecaller and tap on the menu (top left) then select Premium.

Various payment options are the get it like:

  • Credit card (Debit card is not supported)
  • Through your carrier plan (Confirm with your carrier)
  • Paypal
  • Google Play Gift Card
  • One time payment for Yearly packages only

Here are all the other benefits of using professional service.

Bonus Tip:

There is one more app that is considered by most parents around the world for tracking their kids and family. And remain hidden in the meantime.

The name is cocospy

You will get all the features of mSpy with the app. The reason I have Cocospy is they even offer a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with their product.

You can download cocospy app from here.

No, we do not want to disappoint you. Here are also some free app which can provide basic mobile details.

3. This is one of the easiest ways to track someone’s phone for free in UK.

All you have to do it visit the site from here. Now, enter the phone you want to track.

But wait, I told you it’s free right, however, there is a way to use it for free. They give you trail feature, first create the account track the phone using trail feature. Later, it’s totally up to you to continue that feature or not but your problem is solved and its all the matter.

4. The function of is the same as Create the account, use the trial feature that they are giving and use to locate the phone is trial feature.

Some more ways to find phone number tracker in the UK. 

Track Phone Using Android Device Manager 

Android Device Manager is one of the inbuilt features for almost every android phone. Which is easy to use and totally free. If you want to learn about how to track a phone without them knowing this is one of the easiest ways.

Please  follow the below steps :

Steps 1: Navigate to Settings of the phone and then security section

Step 2: You’ll be able to see the location tracking application in settings and security section

Start the Android Device Manager – just go to Settings and tap the Security section.

You will find the location tracking application in the Settings and Security section. Choose the feature you want to activate.

Location Access – In the location button allow the location access

Track Phone Location:

Get another device to start the application there. Login to the google account and find all the devices connected to that account. Choose the device you want to track and find it on the Map

Using Google Maps track a phone without them knowing in United Kingdom

Using Google Maps we can simply track the cellphone location without the target person knowing. The steps are very simple. Here is the list please follow them accordingly

  1. Navigate to Google Maps app on target person phone.
  2. Tap on the menu and then navigate to location sharing.
  3. You’ll be able to see and option “Share your real-time location until you turn this off” make you sure you tap on it and enable it.
  4. You need to select your own phone number in order to share the phone location.

Once you are done with the above steps then you’ll be able to track a cell phone location from your own device without them knowing.

No, we have definitely not forgotten about iPhone Users.

Here is one simple trick to locate iPhone.

To find your device from iCloud follows this link. Here you will need to sign in using the same credential that you used for your iPhone.

Once you log in, it will show you all the devices that have been logged in with the ID. On the left, you will see a bullet either in grey or green color. This shows whether your device is online or offline. If your device is online it will show the bullet in green otherwise grey. Unfortunately, you can only track your device if it is online. If it is online, click on the device and it will show you the location.

Conclusion: We wanted to write about an article especially on how to track a phone without them knowing for the folks in the UK.

At the start of the page, most of us had questions about this. With the latest advancement in technology, it is quite possible. Not only calling but also you can track the people whom you are calling without them knowing.

There may be multiple reasons to track someone’s phone. It may check if the person is cheating on you, to make sure your child is safe. Or, trace the location of the employees, and many more.

As mentioned, it is possible to track a cellphone location without them knowing using many mobile tracker apps. But the challenge is to find the best mobile tracker apps.

Yes, there are a few good apps as mentioned above on the app stores for both Android and iOS. With the help of these mobile tracker apps, we can simply track a phone without the target person knowing about it.

There are lots of ways to track a cell phone location. There are spy apps available in the app store for both Android and iOS that works.

Even we can track the phone using Google maps as mentioned above. Also for that, you need a one time access to the target phone to set it up. We have shared the steps on how to tune the settings so that Google Maps.

I hope this helps.

Please share your views from the comment section below.