Tips To Protect Your Phone If Its Stolen Check Now For Details

Tips To Protect Your Phone: If your phone is stolen no need to panic about its protections. In order to protect you data just follow the tips which makes your phone even safer if its stolen with out data getting leaked. You can also locate your lost device. Keep reading the article for more insights about the tips. Below article explains along with images to make you understand simple.

Tips To Protect Your Phone If Its Stolen Check Now For Details

Tips To Protect Your Phone

There are few Tips To Protect Your Phone which most of the users uses frequently but we are including each and every tip to make your device safer even if you lost. There are few tips which are explained each and every thing to get the clear idea and basic advantage of it.

Tips To Protect Your Phone

1.Use a lock screen

Now a days a there are so many widgets which will help you in this regard. And also now a days  fingerprint, gesture or face protections are enabled to the devices which makes the device more secure. Not using a lock screen is the Android equivalent of going out and leaving your front door open for burglars

2.Hide your passwords

Android’s Settings > Security menu has an option to make all passwords visible, it’s a security risk if you’re entering passwords where you can be seen. This is like showing your passwords accurately. This will be a risk if any one behind you notices these passwords and after they can try from their end once they get your device handy. So make sure your passwords aren’t visible to any one.

3.Hide and lock your apps

There are so many apps in the play store which will help you in locking your apps. Its good practice to lock all the apps which you want to make it secure. For example if you have important or the personal images in the gallery and if it is not locked so who ever using your device can check the gallery data so make sure you lock the apps which you want to protect from other.

4.Track your phone with Android Device Manager

In the worst case scenarios if you’ve lost you android device then android device manager will help you in locating your device. Don’t disable remote location tracking or location services on your device, though, as if you do then ADM won’t be able to find it if it goes missing.

5.Don’t leave your phone

Don’t leave your phone at any places even you think its safer. Never ever leave your phone any where if you place it any where and forgot then you need to suffer for that. So keep your device close to you and don’t neglect it.

6. Configure location services properly

Make sure your GPS tracking is working properly. As this will be help full in worst cases like the device is lost and to find that device Android device manager uses tracking to track device. For this device tracking should work properly.

7.Be suspicious of unknown sources

Before installing any unknown apps make sure you know about it carefully. even Google’s own app store is plagued with problematic apps, it’s very sensible to be suspicious about any download site or service you don’t already know and trust. So make sure before you install or browse because this may cause a severe damage unknowingly.

8. Use messengers with encryption

Use the messengers which secure your data by encryption.Like telegram which encrypts your data this means the conversation will be sent in a secure manner with out any loss or any intruder disturbance.

9. Install updates

Keep you device updated with all the secure updates or the recommended updates to keep you device safe from the intruders. People who don’t update to the latest versions remain vulnerable, so it’s a very good idea to stay up to date with app and Android updates.

10.Check your app notifications and settings

Keep checking the latest updates notifications and settings as the major security options will be in setting and privacy. App notifications which will help you in getting the latest updates about the App.

11.Pin The Screen

If you want to let somebody read something – such as an AndroidPIT article in our app – but don’t want them jumping into something else, Screen pinning, which first appeared on Android Lollipop, locks the display to a single app. It isn’t the most secure thing in the world – it tells you how to undo it again right there on the screen – but at least it prevents your friends or colleagues from ‘accidentally’ nosing around your device