WhatsApp Undo Feature Is Now Available ! Check How It Works

WhatsApp Undo Feature

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhatsApp Undo Feature Every one is well aware of WhatsApp and how to use this messenger app. As of now there are billion of users using this application. WhatsApp always comes with different features that makes this app best and competes with the other messenger apps. These kind of features makes this app to be on top of all other messenger

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Killer Seo Tricks To Promote Youtube Videos

Seo Tricks To Promote Youtube Videos

Reading Time: 3 minutesKiller Seo Tricks To Promote Youtube Videos I started making Youtube videos around six months back. Even though, I had good knowledge of Seo, I was finding it tough to promote my videos and channel. Note: Youtube Seo works way different than how your blog or website SEO works. Over the time, I started getting more exposure on how Youtube

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How to take care of your smartphone @wikihow.com

Best Mobile Care Tips

Reading Time: 4 minutesIf you have just brought a new mobile or using an old one then this is something you might wanna take a note. We are sharing today some of the best tips on How to take care of your smartphone. I can guarantee the improved performance of your smartphone with the tips that I have shared below. Not only that

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How To Stop Facebook Showing Friend Suggestions

Facebook Friend Suggestions

Reading Time: 6 minutesStop Facebook Friend Suggestions: I know it gets annoying sometimes when those unfamiliar faces keeps popping up in front of us whenever we browse Facebook. I’m getting friend suggestion of people I have never met in my life and frankly speaking I do not want that. One New Update Has Been Added Recently at the 8th paragraph of this page

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WhatsApp Night Mode Feature For iOS User! How To Enable

WhatsApp Night Mode Feature For iOS User

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhatsapp is known for bringing new updates to keep its users from switching to other apps. We have to agree that Whatsapp has introduced some of the coolest features that is very hard find in any free apps. And keeping the trends alive, Whatsapp has come up with one more feature called as WhatsApp Night Mode Feature. What is Whatsapp

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Send Free SMS To Mobile: Here Are The Free SMS Sites

Top 10 SMS Websites

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Sites I have shared below won’t charge you even a single penny to send free sms to mobile. There are paid sites as well but have not added them here. What are the Advantages of paid and free sms service will be added in our next post. But, for the time being all we can say there aren’t better

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Check PNR Status Live| Train Ticket Confirmation| Find PNR No. In Tickets

check pnr status

Reading Time: 6 minutesEnter your PNR number below to check the pnr status live and confirmation of your tickets. Using pnr status live you can also check whether your ticket is confirmed, RAC or waiting list here on this site. Read the full article to get all the details about PNR Status Live, Train Ticket Confirmation and how to Find PNR No. In

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How to find someone on Facebook using a picture

Facebook Picture Search

Reading Time: 4 minutesYes! it’s actually possible to find someone on Facebook using a picture. The trick I’m going to share today will find Facebook profile from picture. What Else? Below are some of the best feature you can accomplish using the Trick I have shared: Picture Of Yourself¬† Trying To Find A Specific Photo Checking Images Without Facebook Account Check For Stolen

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