Facebook GIF For Comments: How To Use It

Reading Time: 4 minutesUpdated on 18th Sep, 2017:  Facebook now allows users to post Gif in comment. The social network giant was testing this feature since two years and finally this feature has been rolled out to all the users of Facebook.   There are reports that, only on Facebook Messenger App, around 13 million GIF comments are posted everyday. This will give you

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Facebook Photo Frame Latest 2017 Feature Update

Facebook Photo Frame

Reading Time: 3 minutesFacebook Photo Frame is the most trending feature now a days. Facebook regularly comes with latest features. There is recent feature which makes your profile picture more beautiful. As most of the users don’t know about the Facebook Photo Frames. There are different frames which are pre-installed and can be used easily. Today we are going to help in uploading

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How to avoid Facebook tracking your activities: AlertFB is not free

Avoid Facebook Tracking

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you think Facebook is free, you might wanna change your perception. A little research on How Facebook generate revenue selling your browsing activities to Advertisers will open the dark side of it. I’ll not get into more details of it, however what I will do is suggest you on how you can avoid Facebook tracking your activities. You must

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WhatsApp Text Status Is Back To Android For Iphone Some More Time

WhatsApp Text Status

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhatsApp Text Status: Everyone favorite app Whatsapp is once again coming up with big update. This update will affect all of us who are using Whatsapp but in good way. Read on for more details…… As per the new update, Whatsapp is bringing the old status update feature that was changed a month’s back by company.  Below is the complete detailed information

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Live Streaming Videos On YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram Periscope

Live Streaming Videos

Reading Time: 3 minutesLive Streaming Videos: Live Streaming which means that broadcasting something on the Internet, as it happens live. But let’s start with the basic question – why should any one want to use this live streaming? Well, there could be different reasons – maybe you’re at most interesting place or tourist destination or at an important life occasion like your marriage. Okay, seriously

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Facebook Backup Photos Videos Text Restore Check For More Details

Facebook Backup

Reading Time: 3 minutesFacebook Backup: Facebook is the biggest social media where every person uses most of the time in his day to day life. Now facebook has become the major means of communication. There are so many feature that facebook has launched and many of us even don’t know what exactly what feature is used for. Any way it can be learned

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