Stop Instagram From Suggesting Facebook Friends

One of the most annoying things we notice while using our Instagram account is unwanted Facebook friends suggestions, that keeps popping on our screen. Whether we want it or not, Instagram will keep showing us our Facebook Friend suggestions. To be really honest, most of us want to remain hidden from our Facebook friends on Instagram.

Now I have found a way to get rid of it. I’ll share on this post two ways you can stop Instagram from suggesting you friend suggestions. Both method will work fine, just use it as per your convenience.

Note: Instagram will still show you friend suggestions but it won’t be of your Facebook Friends. This trick is only for people who wants to remain hidden from their Facebook friends.

Unlink Instagram and Facebook account

stop Instagram from suggesting Facebook friends

In first method, I’ll show you how you can unlink Instagram and Facebook account. Once when you unlink Instagram from Facebook, you will notice the drastic change number for Facebook friends that shows up on your Instagram account.

I have even explained the whole process with a small video, please make sure to check the video, in case you are not following any steps suggested below. Should you have any question left, do let me know from the comment section below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

How to unlink Instagram From Facebook ?

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Look for settings from the top right corner
  3. Now Here when you hover down you will App Settings
  4. Once you click on it you will notice list of all those apps having access to your Facebook account.
  5. Look for Instagram and you will notice an option to remove Instagram, click on it to unlink Instagram from Facebook.

Once you follow the above steps you will see the a lot change in suggested Facebook friends. Note: Instagram will keep showing you people suggestions and there is no way you can stop it unless you delete Instagram account. Following the above steps will only help you escape from your Facebook friends.

Here is the small video on how to stop Instagram from suggesting Facebook Friends

One more method that worked great for me is when I created a brand new email account. Now create fake Facebook account with that email ID, now link this Facebook account with your Instagram account.

Although both process works great for me, I prefer the second option as first method there is a chance of loophole even tough unlink your account.

About Instagram:

This app is one of the most popular photo sharing app in the world. Now as the most of the celebrity have an account on this app which has given more popularity to this app. This app was acquired by Facebook few years back.And since then you must have noticed the bombardment of Facebook Friend suggestions on this app. Anyhow, we know now how we can stop that now.

Conclusion: One thing that I’d like to really suggest here creating a new Facebook account, do not add any friends and create a new Instagram account and add both these new account with one another.