Snapchat Users Data Leaked Indian Hackers Response To Poor Country

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel who recently said that India is poor to use Snapchat this results the distruction of the company in different forms. The first one is that the shares of the Snapchat dropped eventually. The other thing which come into the lime light very recently is the Indian hackers leaked the Snapchat Users Data.

Go through  the complete article to get to know about the what actually happened and also whether the user data leaked by the Indian Hackers or not.


Snapchat Users Data Leaked Indian Hackers Response To Poor Country

Snapchat Users Data

Recently Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said that the app which is Snapchat is only for rich people and not for poor countries like India and Spain. This statement which effected the shares of the company massively.

After this statement by the Snapcat CEO the Snapchat application has received a massive outrage on social media like Twitter and Facebook as hashtag “UninstallSnapchat” and “BoycottSnapchat” have been trending. As every individual giving a single rating to the application. We can easily notice that  there is a single star rating for Snapchat’s current version on the Application Store. And this single star rating is based on the 6,099 ratings,

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Snapchat Users Data:

However apart from these rating about the Snapchat Users Data leakage the Snapchat denied the leakage of user data. And also there is no Indian hacking group publicly claimed up to now.

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So this can be considered as a repercussion of CEO Evan Spiegel’s alleged India-related remarks. If the Snapchat Users Data leak is real then this is not the first time as in 2014, details of 4.6 million users were leaked on the Internet.

About Snapchat Users Data:

A former employee of Snap chat who claimed that CEO of Snapchat  Evan Spiegel had no interest in expansion in different markets, and allegedly said that the “app [Snapchat] is only for the rich people,” adding to that he didn’t want to “expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

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These type of allegation which made the Indian users to uninstall the applications from their smartphone and also giving the poor rating.

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