Killer Seo Tricks To Promote Youtube Videos

Killer Seo Tricks To Promote Youtube Videos

Seo Tricks To Promote Youtube Videos

I started making Youtube videos around six months back. Even though, I had good knowledge of Seo, I was finding it tough to promote my videos and channel.

Note: Youtube Seo works way different than how your blog or website SEO works.

Over the time, I started getting more exposure on how Youtube works and how we can promote our Youtube channel and videos. Once you learn these tricks, you will find it way easier to rank Youtube Videos.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys best SEO tricks to promote Youtube videos. I have applied these tricks to my Youtube channel and videos and I have gained a lot of subscribers and views since then.

One more thing that I’d like to add here, if you’re looking for some tricks where your videos will rank the moment you implement these tips then this article is probably not for you. Once you implement my suggested tricks, it will take minimum one or two months to rank Youtube videos.

Youtube video title

The reason I have added it to number one in the list is because it is most important of all the tricks that I’m going to share. So, what you basically have to do is, any video you upload will have a keyword, make sure to start your Youtube video title with your keyword. I’ll give you example from my site, I had uploaded a video where I have shared the guide on how users can stop Facebook Friend suggestions and my Keyword was Stop Facebook Friend Suggestions. So, I kept my Youtube video title as Stop Facebook Friend Suggestions updated 2017. I’ll share below how keeping the my Youtube keyword tile with my main keyword helped me.

Youtube Video Description

This is the second most important thing after Youtube Video title, adding a description of about 250 to 300 words, with variation of different keywords related to your video, and make sure to start your video description with your main keyword. Like for an instance, I’ll start my video description as Do you want to Stop Facebook Friend Suggestions, here I’ll show different method to disable friend suggestions on Facebook. As you can see, with is just one line I have added two keywords Stop Facebook Friend Suggestions and disable friend suggestions on Facebook. Also, if you have blog linked to your Youtube channel make sure add your blog URL at top drive traffic to your site.


This I believe is of utmost priority, the moment you publish a Youtube video make sure to shared on Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Facebook Communities, groups etc. The more number of time your Youtube videos gets watched in first week of uploading the video decides the ranking factor of that video. Even if you gain more than 1000 views in the first week, it will be easy to rank that video.

Video Quality

The more users are sticking with your Youtube Videos the better it is for your channel and your chances of users subscribing your Youtube Channel. Make video more engaging, upload unique video, add nice intro and outro video. This will help you build brand image of your Youtube channel.


Al though not much important as per my view, but industry experts suggests there is no harm in adding more tags to your videos, it will help is raking for suggested video. When an user plays any videos on Youtube, the get recommended on the right side and you can increase your chances of getting your videos on shown on suggested video, add more number of tags.

Conclusion: If you follow the above, you’re bound to improve views of Youtube Videos and gaining more subscribers. Do let us know from the comment if there are tricks that you would like to share with our readers to Promote Youtube Videos.

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