How To Send GIFs In WhatsApp Check Steps With Images @Gadgetdose

How To Send GIFs In WhatsApp is the new feature. WhatsApp is the messaging app which is used by almost every smartphone user. It frequently updates its app with different features. There are different features that makes the app more interesting and user friendly.

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WhatsApp includes voice call, video calling, different document can be shared easily, even recently there is an update came that WhatsApp supports apk files sharing which is really awesome update.

There are some other features like status. Earlier there is only text status now WhatsApp uses text status along with the image and video status by giving another tab for status in the App interface. Now there is an update today that whatsapp usually shares different images and videos now app can share the GIFs which are already included in the app.

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Check the complete details about the GIFs that you can use in WhatsApp from the below description. Even the steps are clearly explained along with the images.

How To Send GIFs In WhatsApp Check Steps With Images @Gadgetdose

How To Send GIFs In WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows all its users to send the moving images. But this feature is little bit hidden in the app.

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In order to send them, you’ll need to update the app to use the recent version of the WhatsApp software and if you read down below we’ll show you exactly how to do it.

Steps On How To Send GIFs In WhatsApp:

Step1: Open the App in your smartphone

Step2: Open the chat screen of any contact

Step3: The best the text box where you type message you can see a smily emoji tap on that

Step4: A list of emojis will be displayed but keenly observe the bottom of the screen beside the smily you can see GIF word


Step5: Tap on that to access the latest GIFs that WhatsaApp already included in the App

Step6: Tap on any of the GIF and hit send as simple as that.


Step7: WhatsApp included another feature that is searching the emojis.

Step8: You can see the search icon on the bottom left where you can search the emojis by words like “Face” “Hand” “Happy” “Anger” and many more.

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