Send Free SMS To Mobile: Here Are The Free SMS Sites

The Sites I have shared below won’t charge you even a single penny to send free sms to mobile. There are paid sites as well but have not added them here. What are the Advantages of paid and free sms service will be added in our next post. But, for the time being all we can say there aren’t better sites than the one listed below to send free sms to mobile.

I understand you might have some general questions related to this or Send Free SMS To Mobile. Do not worry, at the bottom of this page I have covered most frequently asked question related to Send Free SMS To Mobile and many other questions. Should you have any more question, please drop them in the comment section below and we will reply the same day.

It gets better! How?

Generally internet is required on the phone where you’re sending messages on most of the apps. But, not in this case as site shared below will allow you send free sms to mobile via network so no internet is required and more over they are free of cost.

The free sms sites listed below are shortlisted based on the number on positive reviews they have received from the users or customers. However, they have added randomly and not in ascending or descending based on their reviews. If I’m talking about mobile it includes even smartphones so don’t get confused.

Send Free SMS To Mobile: Here Are The Free SMS Sites

Send Free SMS to mobile

So, today we are sharing few details on how to send sms to a mobile phone using website online. Yes there are different website that offer you free service of sending SMS to mobile number.

So, kindly go through the following description to know about the websites and how it helps you in messaging. Below are the list of Top 10 SMS Website that offer free service in sending SMS.

1. 160by2 is a widely used website to send Free Unlimited SMS to any cellphone. Just sign-up with your phone number, and you’ll be able to send unlimited SMS not only in India but also in some other countries including Kuwait, UAE, Singapore, Saudi Arab, Philippines & Malaysia.

2. Way2SMS

It is very similar to 160by2, probably by the same company. So incase, you’re not able to access, you can use this website. However, you are required to create a separate account here. Moreover, you can send group sms, choose popular sms from your dashboard to send out and more.

3. FullOnSMS

Send unlimited free SMS. Although the service is limited to India only but it is very fast and reliable. Your sent message will be received to the mobile phones in just 10 seconds. You can create group SMS, download free wallpapers and choose popular message from the website to send on.

4. Ultoo

Another simple Free SMS sending website is Just quick register here and you can start sending SMS online.You can also use this site for online recharge, free online recharge by earning credits to play games at ultoo and more.

5. Site2SMS(my favorite as you can send free sms without registration)

Self defining website. Site2SMS is not only a Free SMS Sending website, it is also first online portal to do free voice calls from internet to any phone online. Moreover, you can send free sms without registration. So, go ahead save some time and send free sms without registration.

6. A Free SMS

A Free SMS lets you to send the most frequent countries around the world to send SMS. .You’ll actually be able to send free sms worldwide. No need to register, just write your message and send unlimited sms to any country you like for FREE!

7. Indyarocks Free SMS

There are lots of cool services provided by Indyarocks, among them Free SMS is one of the most popular and useful one. You can send up to 240 characters SMS in one go. This Free SMS Site is also very fast to deliver sent messages.

8. SMS Fi

SMS Fi is another services with “sending free SMS”. The website hold contests, you can download wallpapers, photos, greeting cards. You can also learn some delicious recipes, stay updated with important news and more on an around the world.

9. Use2Sms

Name of the website itself define that it is for using SMS service. You need to rRegister to start sending SMS to any phone in India. Explore SMS collection, download celebrity hot pics, wallpapers and more.


YouMint one of the most popular SMS sending website which is used to send Free SMS to any mobile in India. You have feasibility to register through Facebook, Google account or sign-up manually. It offers a lot of ways to earn cash, extra talktime whenever you interacts with the site.

Here is a small video on how to send free SMS to mobile 

Here are the FAQ on Send Free SMS to mobile

Q. Send free SMS without registration

Ans- Yes, it’s definitely possible to send free sms without registration. Here is one best site for reference. (Site2SMS)

Q. Free SMS sites

Ans- There are hundred of sites to send free SMS but to avoid confusion we have listed above some of the best free sms sites

Q. Send free sms online

Ans- The answer to send free SMS online is very simple and just pick one site from listed above and send free sms to anyone in the world.

Q. Unlimited free SMS

Ans- The site listed above will allow you send unlimited free SMS.

send free sms to mobile phone

Q. Send Free Sms without showing number

Ans- Yes! You can send free SMS without showing number. Here is one useful site for that.

Q. Free SMS App

Ans- Yes, there are many Free SMS app, the best one are listed here.

Hope this helps, should you have question or concern, please drop a comment below and I’ll be replying the same day.

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