Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished On Sale On July 7th

Latest update from the mobile brand Samsung on it’s Samsung Note 7 model. Yes, there is an update on this mobile model that the gadget is again hitting the mobile market with a new name and few changes in the gadget.

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Samsung also confirmed on this announcement on this that Samsung Note 7 is again releasing with a new name with minor changes. Currently this became the main content in the mobile market as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished release date is already on air.

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Tech freaks kindly go through the complete article to know about the minor changes which were included in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished Model. And also the release dates of the model and the new name of the gadget which was recently changed to .

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished On Sale On July 7th

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished

As per the updates which were recently received from the sources we came to know that mobile brand Samsung is going to launch the refurbished edition of the Galaxy Note 7 next month. This update was announced based on the Yonhap news agency.

As said the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 is going to release with a new name. And per the sourced it was named Galaxy Note FE (Fandom Edition). And there is an another update on this new Galaxy FE release dates that it will go on sale on July 7th for 700,000 won (or approx Rs 39,661).

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There are minor changes in the gadget which will took place after they refurbish the gadget. As sources also states that the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 which is coming with a new name Galaxy Note FE will apparently have a smaller battery when compared with the original model which was discontinued and later pulled from the market due to fire-prone batteries. Sources also says that when the refurbished phone arrives in the market, runs the latest version of Android.

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However there’s no particular clarity on when the mobile brand Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Note FE in the market. It was earlier stated that Samsung might launch the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in the month of July on 7th in South Korea first. We came to hear that Samsung wanted to release the gadget by the end of this month that is June. Unfortunately due to some delay the release was postponed by a week. But recently we are hearing some new release date that Samsung might push the release date from July 7th to July 30. However, there is no official confirmation on the gadget release dates.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished:

The demand for the company gadgets are still high in the market. As due to the huge deman company took the decision to release the phone in South Korea at the earliest. Samsung initially expected to sell 300,000 units, but has now expected to sell additional 150,000 units in its native market.

 The Galaxy Note FE is likely to come with the similar specifications and it almost looks like original Galaxy Note 7. It’s also reported that the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 will have a dedicated Bixby button on board. The Galaxy Note FE could also feature an improved S-Pen.

Samsung is yet to confirm the exact release date of the Galaxy Note FE.  In March, Samsung confirmed it would start selling the Galaxy Note 7 in refurbished form.

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