Reliance Jio Offers 168 GB Only For Vivo Smartphone Users

Reliance Jio offers are the ultimate offers in the past few months. As the Jio users enjoyed nearly 6 months of free data and calls with out any complaints. Even after completion of the free packages Reliance Jio offers unlimited data and free calls based on the new tariff plans released for prime and non prime users.

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Prime users having different benefits when compared to the user were not subscribed to prime membership. Apart from all these Reliance Jio also offered  Dhan Dhana Dhan offer. In this way there are different offers released by Mukesh Amabni for their customers in the past few months.

Now Reliance Jio also offering discount on AirAsia tickets for both domestic and international flights. Apart from all these again there is an offer for reliance Jio user but this this it is specific to only vivo smartphone users. Check the complete details and offers that specific to Vivo smartphone.

Reliance Jio Offers 168 GB Only For Vivo Smartphone Users

Reliance Jio Offers 168 GB

As per the sources we came to know that Reliance Jio offers 168 GB only for the Vivo smartphone users. The ruler of telecom industry released an offer with a name ‘ViVo Jio Cricket Mania Offer’. This offer is applicable to Jio users who all are using the Vivo smartphone. In this offer the Jio subscribers who were using vivo will get  168 GB 4G data along with the data pack they are currently using

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How To Avail Reliance Jio Offers 168 GB :

We came to know that Jio users with vivo smartphones are getting this offers but how to avail this? Don’t worry we will help you. Reliance Jio Offers 168 GB which is very interesting and it is something like betting but not fully and in this offer both telecom and user will be win in win situations. Lets check the offer and instructions on how to get this offer.

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  • To Avail this offer first of all Vivo smartphone user has to register for the Cricket Mania offer.
  • At the time registration select their favorite team and send message from their Jio number
  • As a part of promotion whenever the selected team wins,loses or even match gets draw also users will get free data
  • If the team supported by the user wins, then they will get 3GB of data.
  • If the team loses, 1GB of free data will be rewarded.
  • For matches that end in a draw, then users will get only 2GB of data.

If Team Wins Finals Reliance Jio Offers 168 GB :

For every match win or lose or draw the users will be benefited accordingly but there is also one more thing we need to notice that Reliance Jio will double the data if the the team that user is supporting reaches qualifiers.

And bby chance if the team advances to finals and and along that if it wins the finals, then the data will be tripled and quadrupled accordingly. The Reliance Jio telecom giant says that by the end of the series, users will get 168GB of free 4G data.

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Just to make you guys aware that the offer is already on live and this will end on May 10 so it is recommended to all the Vivo smartphone user with Jio subscription avail this Reliance Jio Offers 168 GB as soon as possible.

It’s worth noting that if users register after April 30, the data benefit will be reduced by 50%.

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