5 Best Samsung Phone Under 20000 to Buy in 2017

Reading Time: 5 minutesList of 5 Best Samsung Phone Under 20000 to Buy in 2017 Samsung phones have become optimal choice among buyers in the last few years. There are multiple reasons behind that few of them are price factor, warranty cover and overall phone performance. So, if you’re looking for the best Samsung phone under 20000 rupees? and not able to decide

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Gadgets For Women-Latest Tech Gifts In 2017 For Women

Reading Time: 5 minutesAfter our popular article Gadgets for men, we got a lot request for another article on what will be optimal choice of gifts for women other than Bangles, watches, chocolates. Turns out there are a lot of new gadgets are out there that will really surprise them. Although the list is big, we have shorlisted some of the best Gadgets

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Facebook GIF For Comments: How To Use It

Reading Time: 3 minutesUpdated on 18th Sep, 2017:  Facebook now allows users to post Gif in comment. The social network giant was testing this feature since two years and finally this feature has been rolled out to all the users of Facebook.   There are reports that, only on Facebook Messenger App, around 13 million GIF comments are posted everyday. This will give you

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Does My Youtube CPC will Affect My Blog CPC [Solved]

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you own a blog and a Youtube channel and both using the same Adsense account, then the query “Does My Youtube CPC will Affect My Blog CPC” must have occurred at some point. When I tried looking for an answer over Google I was surprised to find out that this is one the most confused question on publisher’s mind.

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Mousemania: Types of Mouse Collection For PC’s and Laptop

Reading Time: 4 minutesToday’s world is surrounded with technology. When we talk about technologies its mostly about PC’s and laptops.These devices are incomplete without a good mouse. Mouse or mice as we commonly refer them is a device which we helps us in operating or Laptop and PC’s like scrolling, clicking and pointing. With the advancement of technology, mouses are also available in

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How to take care of your smartphone @wikihow.com

Reading Time: 4 minutesIf you have just brought a new mobile or using an old one then this is something you might wanna take a note. We are sharing today some of the best tips on How to take care of your smartphone. I can guarantee the improved performance of your smartphone with the tips that I have shared below. Not only that

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Top Home Appliances Brands In India And Kitchen Appliances Brands

Reading Time: 3 minutesAlert! This post is only for lazy lad people. Feeling Lazy? then switch over to the Top Home Appliances Brands In India 2018 that will make your life super easy. Got home from a tough day at work and doesn’t feel like cooking then you must get some of the Top Home Appliances Brands In India 2018 that we have

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10 Gmail Tips And Tricks For Android Users Check Now For Detail Info

Reading Time: 6 minutesMost of us are familiar with Gmail. Report suggests almost 80 percent of the users who use internet have Gmail ID. This gives us overall idea about the popularity of this Google Product. Today, we are sharing some of the best Gmail tips and tricks that will make you expert in this. Note: This post will take only five minutes

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How To Stop Facebook Showing Friend Suggestions

Reading Time: 5 minutesStop Facebook Friend Suggestions: I know it gets annoying sometimes when those unfamiliar faces keeps popping up in front of us whenever we browse Facebook. I’m getting friend suggestion of people I have never met in my life and frankly speaking I do not want that. One New Update Has Been Added Recently at the 8th paragraph of this page

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