How To Optimize A Photo For Facebook Updated 2017 Tricks

How To Optimize A Photo For Facebook: Facebook which is a well known social network. Most of the people easily gets addicted to this network. It always comes with different features and adopt them easily. Posting the picture, videos, sharing the media over social network and many more are the most common factors which makes every user addicts to it.

There are different factors why any user get addicted to this social media. The type of content it gives access, chatting with friends, online games, news and many more. The other important feature is getting likes to your post is something like an achievement and the user who posts that content feels like he won something.

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Every one loves to get most of the likes on profile pictures, but many of us didn’t notice, how good our image looks in our desktop or mobile once we upload to Facebook it looks dull when compared to original. Today we help you in How To Optimize A Photo For Facebook this will makes the photos sharper and looks crisp so once you upload in Fb it still looks awesome.

How to optimize is the major question? There are top three updated tricks that helps your image sharper. Check the complete information from the below description.

How To Optimize A Photo For Facebook Updated 2017 Tricks

How To Optimize A Photo For Facebook

Why our image get’s dull when ever we upload to Fb. The reason behind this is “compression artifacts.” While we all enjoy the ease of posting unlimited images for free with out getting charged. We share and post picture to our friends and followers, Facebook compresses those images by doing firstly it helps in reducing the file size, by reducing the file size they can easily save bandwidth space.

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As we came to know the issue now we should learn how to overcome this. There are three tools which helps you in editing you photos so that you can upload the best on Facebook.

How To Optimize A Photo For Facebook:

There are three different application which will help you in overcome this issue.

Application 1: Exporting Photos from Lightroom for Facebook 

Open the Application Lightroom Export box. Once you open the application go to the options under Imaging Sizing

Then choose “Resize to Fit” after that click the drop down box and choose “Long Edge.” Once you choose the option type in 2048 and make sure pixels is selected.

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After you done with all these settings, save your settings as a User Preset for exporting images by clicking the “Add” button in the bottom left corner. By saving the settings help you in future, so you can easily use the same settings in the future.

lightApplication 2: How To Use Photoshop To Optimize Photos For Facebook

Once you drag and drop the image in to the Photoshop application which you want to upload in Fb.

Once the image loaded in the application Navigate to the option File > Automate > Fit Image.

A dialog box pops up in that type 2048px (or 960px) in each of the fields. After that click OK.

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After you click ok it finishes resizing. Even it finish the resizing I will often run another round of sharpening using the Unsharp Mask. It depends on the user call. It is just like we use with the Lightroom preset.


Application 2: How To Optimize Photos For Facebook Using Blogstomp

The third and the last option which helps you in optimizing the images for Facebook is the application named BlogStomp. This application is popular because it helps us to combine 2+ images together and resized quickly, which will be more attractive and they can then be uploaded to your Blog or Facebook.

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If you choose this application to optimize you photos, click the drop down on the bottom to choose to “Edit (or create) Your Styles.” When the settings box pops up just choose the Image Width to be 2048. Give your new style a name and save it. Then make sure to select your new style from the drop down box before choosing the images you would like to stomp.


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