Limit Facebook Data Usage Check How To Do In Images

Limit Facebook Data Usage: Facebook which is known to every one and each and every one uses. As all users aware that Facebook is not only fixed to desktop version it also has its own app in the playstore app market. To used Fb in mobiles users can download the app and login to Fb with out any issues just like desktop version of Facebook. The major challenge is the usage of data, as it uses huge data we came with an article which explains you clearly how to reduce the data usage while using Facebook.

Limit Facebook Data Usage Check How To Do In Images

Limit Facebook Data Usage

There are different options which help you in reducing the usage of data like;

  • Adjusting the App settings
  • Data saver Mode
  • Mobile Data protect
  • Facebook Lite

The above are the options which helps you clearly used in order to Limit Facebook Data Usage.

1). Adjusting The App Settings To Reduce Data Usage:

In order to reduce data usage using App settings is the easiest thing you can do. As every one likes to share a lot of photos and videos on Facebook, this might be the main cause of your data usage a lot. There is another feature introduced by FB which is video auto playing feature this is also one of the reason. In order to get rid of unnecessary data usage, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Open the Facebook app, tap on the hamburger menu on the top right  side and scroll down to App Settings.
  • Once you tap on App Settings and you’ll see a list of toggle features. You’ve to Untoggle ‘Upload photos in HD’ and ‘Upload Videos in HD’.
  • There itself you can find an option for Auto-play. To disable the dreaded Facebook video auto-play feature, tap on Auto-play.
  • You can also has an option to choose, when and how videos will now auto-play in your Facebook.

Facebook one Facebook two

2). Data Saver Mode To Save Data:

In Facebook for Android there is a built-in option for data saving which is Data Saver mode, in this option it reduces image sizes and disables video auto-play. This also very easy to access it can be accessed in the same way as the App settings.

  • Open the Facebook app, tap on the hamburger menu on the right hand side and scroll down to Data Saver.
  • Just tap on Data Saver and once you tab there will be an option for toggle feature to turn Data Saver on and off.
  • If you turn Data Saver on, you’ll also have the option to automatically turn the feature off when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

It’s worth noting that when you turn Data Saver on, Upload photos and videos in HD settings in the app settings remain untouched. So if you didn’t switch those off, they will appear to be left on despite having Data Saver on.

Facebook three

4). Mobile Data Protect:

There is an option which is available in the App settings called Mobile Data. It is a third party app which is given under the settings tab. When you click on the ‘Mobile Data’ it will redirect to the Play store. As per the reviews it depends on the user interest whether to have this and is it useful or not. However we are giving the steps for the users who want to have it.

Facebook Four

4). Facebook Lite:

As of there are few option listed in order to reduce the data usage we need to tweak the settings now, if you really want to save data and also live in the world of connections, Facebook Lite is the solution for you. Facebook Lite is a slimmed down version of the Facebook app which is designed to give its users a better and faster experience on slow mobile networks.

The interesting fact is that Android users have got a leg up here when compared to their iPhone counterparts, as the app is now currently only available for Android users.

Facebook lite

iPHONE USERS Limit Facebook Data Usage:

There are few options which will reduce the data usage for the iphone users:

  • Turn off photo and video HD upload, Stop auto-playing videos
  • Disable background refresh
  • Disable Wi-Fi assist

1).Turn off photo and video HD upload

It is same as for Android users. In Android this also this option works to reduce the data usage. Below are the steps and Images that will help you in understanding

  • Open the Facebook app and tap on the menu in the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll down you will find Settings tap on that, and then on Account settings.
  • Tap on Videos and photos.
  • Now you can select when and how auto-videos play.
  • Turn off the Photo and video HD upload.

Facebook Iphone

Facebook Iphone two

2). Disable Background Refresh:

IOs applications have the nifty little feature that will update the apps silently in the background. The reason they have this feature is because they can launch instantly and give you the latest news. Facebook is a major candidate for background refresh, the major challenge being that it has a habit of downloading new updates that even you might not even see. In order to stop background refresh follow the steps:

  • Tap on the Settings in the mobile.
  • Then on General.
  • After that tap on Background app refresh.
  • And then select Facebook to turn it off (or on).

Facebook Iphone Background refresh

3). Disable Wifi Assist:

There is a feature called Wi-Fi assist on the iPhone which helps you (and your phone) to maintain a stable internet connection. If you’re using a wireless network that is a bit unstable, this Wi-Fi assist option will automatically lets your data plan connect and fill the holes. It’s a smart little feature, and if left on will burn through your data plan. To turn Wi-Fi assist off follow these steps:

  • Go into the Mobile Settings.
  • Tap on Mobile data.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle Wi-Fi assist off.

Facebook Wifi Assist

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