iPhone 8 Wireless Charging And Waterproof Confirms Apple Manufacture CEO

iPhone 8 trending features. Apple’s next generation iPhone which is created most hype among the gadget freaks. iPhone 8 which is the upcoming gadget in the market from the Apple’s family. As we all know that before the gadget enters in to the market rumors comes into the picture. As the rumors says that there will be the first Apple’s gadget that include wireless charging, according to one of the company’s suppliers. iPhone 8 Wireless Charging And Waterproof is the most trending rumor over the smartphone market.

The iPhone 8 report comes from Taiwanese manufacturing company Wistron, which was recently added to Apple’s list of suppliers to build parts for the iPhone SE in India, according to the Nikkei Asian Review.

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The detailed specifications and the whether the rumors are actually rumors or is it true that the gadget is coming with wireless charging or not ? For this check the below article which goes in detail about the upcoming gadget specifications along with the features that were confirmed by the company and the sources.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging And Waterproof Confirms Apple CEO 

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging And Waterproof

A short note on wireless charging how it works?

What is wireless charging?

Ever though about this how energy is transferred to the gadget with out any physical medium. Here is the answer in this technology it will use an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects (e.g. a battery)

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When was it invented?Nikola Tesla first demonstrated it in 1891

How does it work?Currently the majority of wireless charging-supported phones work by resting the handset on an inductive charging pad or mat.

magnetic pad

Which phones currently support it?The majority of high-end Android handsets feature wireless charging, including the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G4, Microsoft Lumia 1520, Blackberry Priv Z30 and Google Nexus 6.

What’s good about it?All wireless charging-supported phones can be charged on the same pads or mats, doing away with phone-specific chargers.

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Apple’s iPhone 8 is the most anticipated smartphone of the year, and the device has previously been rumored to come with new AR features, OLED panel, a fast A11 chip, and wireless charging. However now CEO of an Apple manufacturer has all but confirmed the presence of waterproofing and wireless charging in Apple phones coming later this.

Wistron manufactures iPhones, just like Pegatron and Foxconn, albeit in small quantities. Nikkei Asian Review reports says that Wistron CEO Robert Hwang has confirmed that the feature like wireless charging and waterproofing will be included to the iPhone’s of this year models.

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In a meeting Hwang shares the few insights about the gadget stating “Assembly process for the previous generations of [iPhones] have not changed much, though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing, and waterproof function will alter the assembly process a bit,” This results in the confirmation that the upcoming iPhone includes the features like waterproof and wireless charging.

Hwang also gave an update about the Wistron facility in India that recently starting producing the iPhone SE. Hwang says that though the company makes only “a small number” of handsets in India right now, he expects Wistron’s overall smartphone business in the country to break even next year. He added that the growth of manufacturing in India will depend on the negotiations between Apple and the Indian government.

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