iPhone 8 Specs And Features: No Home Button, Wider Frame

iPhone 8 which is the most trending topic and with lots of rumors going viral over the internet in a very short notice. There are different rumors on the mobile release dates, design and about the features.

After months of waiting, Apple recently announced a neutral update of the iPhone gadget in March. But the new Product Red editions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the updated iPhone SE, are just a sample we can say. The major part of the iPhone series is still pending. As per the sources it is expected that the gadget will be coming later this year, according to the rumors.

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There are certain unanswered questions which are still pending and even we are looking for the answers. The questions are like When will we see the iPhone 8 — or whatever Apple decides to call it? It is expected that iPhone 8 can be see on sept because Apple has scheduled September introductions for every major iPhone since the iPhone 5 in 2012.

iPhone 8 Specs And Features: No Home Button, Wider Frame

iphone 8

From the sources, for the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone, we’re expecting Apple to come out swinging with some real breakthrough innovations. In fact, it is tough for Apple to deliver the goods by September due to the most recent rumors.

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These can be iPhone 8 Specs

  • Different sizes, including 5.8-inch, 5.5-inch, 5-inch, and 4.7-inch models
  • Curved, edge-to-edge OLED display with True Tone technology
  • Not sure about Home button/Touch ID it may located on back — or integrated into display
  • New Touch ID featuring face or iris scanning
  • AirPods come included
  • Charging is Wireless
  • Dual-lens camera, may be with a vertical configuration and/or with AR capabilities
  • Support for the Apple Pencil
  • USB-C replacing Apple’s Lightning connector
  • Enhanced water resistance
  • Higher quality earpiece for louder, clearer audio
  • Apple’s next-generation processor (the A10X or A11)
  • Stainless steel and glass body
  • Upgraded storage starting at 64GB and 3GB of RAM
  • Intel or Qualcomm modem
  • It may costs between $850 and $1,000

Company Call It iPhone 8 or .. ?

What name will company suggest iPhone 8 or any other name. For now, we’re calling it the iPhone 8, though we don’t know officially what the company will call it. As seen most recently with the new iPad — with the iPad Air 2 succeeded by the iPad.

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iPhone Release Dates ?

Every one eager to know about the dates. As of now there is no official dates on iPhone 8 releases. We expect Apple to announce in September, as usual. That noted, there are more and more reports that Apple is having manufacturing issues related to “significant hardware upgrades.”. This is driving a number of alternative theories including an October or November launch

iPhone 8 Display:

After months of rumors, there is an update on the iPhone 8 display that : the next iPhone will have an OLED display. In fact, it’s this new display technology — well, new for Apple, Samsung has been using it for years — this can be the reason for iPhone 8 delay

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Home Button On iPhone 8:

iPhone 8’s home button is a hot topic. The latest news on this is that Apple has moved it to the back of the phone. It’s also quite possible that Apple could ditch the home button altogether and it can be included in the display.

iPhone 8 Enhanced Audio:

According to JPMorgan Apple may equip the iPhone 8 with an “enhanced receiver,” which is going to be placed on the front of the phone where you put your ear during calls. This upgrade would help in delivering louder, clearer audio.

Wireless Charging ?

Reuters reports that there are multiple groups at Apple working on technology for an iPhone that supports wireless charging. And we are seeing more leaked schematic drawings that seem to suggest that wireless charging could be a real thing.

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