How to take care of your smartphone

If you have just brought a new mobile or using an old one then this is something you might wanna take a note. We are sharing today some of the best tips on How to take care of your smartphone.

I can guarantee the improved performance of your smartphone with the tips that I have shared below. Not only that your smartphone will continue to work flawlessly even after the warranty expired which is very rare these days.

Here’s the deal

We all can agree that the durability of our phone totally depends on how we take care of our phone. In this technological world, smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. Most of us carry a smartphone now a days. There are different models at different price range. Some of us are interested in smartphones and some are interested in feature phones like basic models.

Whatever may be the model of the smartphone, maintenance is required in order to keep using the phone for long time. Therefore, I have shared all the steps you need to follow or what tips you need with how to take care of your smartphone.

So kindly please go through the below description to know more details and tips about the best mobile care tips.

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How to maintain smartphone performance

Best Mobile Care Tips 

Rather going deep into technical or hardware of the gadget even with simple tricks and tips we can get the good life of our smartphone so let see what all those basic tips that you can take to improve your phone performance.

Cleaning Display


Yes, the first and most important is display. If it is not clean and clear the contacts or the content we are looking for will not be clear. Always clear your display and I agree every user do so, but the things which we should keep in mind before we clean display are highlighted below.

  • Using T-Shirt, table cloth, hanky to clear gadget screen is not a good idea
  • Microfiber cloth is the best solution to clean the display
  • And along with the screen cleaner liquid which is available in market if you can afford then it will be a complete pack for cleaning your smartphone.
  • And always prefer to get screen guards as these will protect from display damages.

External Smart gadget Protectors :


As your display has protection now we look for external protection to the mobiles. There different varieties and different models of mobile cases available in market. Some are cheap and some are costly. Shock absorb cases for gadget are also available in market.

You may see at least one mobile with a display damage or screen break. The reasons behind this is like the gadget is slipped from the hand or some other reasons the gadget fall from a height. So, to protect these unexpected things always prefer to use the mobile cases.

Pouches :


It is best option for the people who are getting continue call and once the work done forget their mobile on table or some other places. You may be wondering how this is helpful. The pouches which I’m referring can be used with waist belt as person need to link it with belt.

So once he’s done with his call he has a space to keep it back. Rather keeping in pockets it is better and best.

Battery :


Battery life is more important for every smartphone user. Never keep charging more than required which means even after 100 percent of charge do let it charge more this may affect the battery charging capacity. This thing majorly happen when we leave our mobiles for charging during nights.

Use sandpaper to clear the connectors not frequently but once in a couple of months. Don’t use fake chargers or duplicate chargers. Allow the battery to discharge till about 10 percent and then charge it.

Few More bonus points on How to maintain smartphone performance(source wikihow)

  • It will help if you recharge your smartphone regularly. There are some mobiles that last more than a week or more on a single charge (when not in use). However, most of the smartphones need to be charged every day or every other day. If you spend too much time talking on your phone, you can quickly use up your battery’s charge. So, keep your battery percentage between 40%-80% for longer battery life.
  • Install some good anti-virus to keep your phone away from hack or any security issue.
  • Install some apps like anti-theft to protect your phone from stealing
  • Install some apps to find your phone location when stolen.
  • Always use your smartphone in low brightness to improve battery life.

Quick Reminders : How how to take care of your smartphone

Avoid trying to open up the handset on your own to clean the inside. Let a professional do it. Lightly wipe the camera lens with a microfiber cloth before using the camera. Uninstall old programs or not using applications that will help you in free the space.

Conclusion: The above tips on how to take care of your smartphone will certainly improve your smartphone performance. Should you have any question, then please drop a comment below.

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