How to find someone on Facebook using a picture

Yes! it’s actually possible to find someone on Facebook using a picture. The trick I’m going to share today will find Facebook profile from picture.

What Else?

Below are some of the best feature you can accomplish using the Trick I have shared:

  • Picture Of Yourself 
  • Trying To Find A Specific Photo
  • Checking Images Without Facebook Account
  • Check For Stolen Images

The steps outlined below are very easy to follow. Not only that I have share the frequently asked question on Find a person on Facebook using a photo.

Note: Even with out logging to the Facebook we can search Facebook Pictures.

How Facebook Search Works?

Facebook search bar is different from the search engines search bar. On Facebook, when we search any pictures it only search within Facebook database. One important thing to note here is the privacy setting which plays an important role in picture results. As Facebook pictures depends on different privacy settings like some are public, some are only Friends and some are only me.

If you are friend to a particular person and you are searching that particular persons images then the image which has privacy settings as only friends will also be included in the list of images which has Public as privacy setting. But if the images has only me then the images cannot be shown as it will be against Facebook privacy policy.

Lets go through the below description to know what all images can be seen and how.

Facebook Picture Search | How To Find Pictures In Facebook

Facebook Picture Search

Every day Facebook users upload large number of photos. So searching the images with phrase is will shows a valid result. So, let’s check how any user can find Facebook profile from picture.

Picture Of Yourself 

Though it is easy at the same time it is also trickier. As if you want to see the picture of yourself in other people account then this will be little difficult as the settings on the album and photos are controlled by the person who is posting it.

There are different phrases which you can simply use to find your photos among many below are the phrases which you will get the expected results easily

  • Type ‘Photos I am tagged in,’ ‘Photos of me,’ or ‘Tagged photos of me‘.
  • You can also try ‘Photos of me in friends albums,’ or ‘albums I am tagged.’

Trying To Find A Specific Photo

For this kind of search it is better to use subject, event and/or person that will help to fetch the images which you are exactly looking for.

  • Start by typing ‘Photos of. If you want to view the picture of your aunt Jane, type in ‘Photos of Jane.’ If you are friends with Jane, this will return all the photos she shared with her friends. If you are not then the result share the images which she shared publicly
  • If you or other person posted a pic and aunt Jane liked it and if you want to fetch that image then you can use the phrase as ‘Photos Liked by Jane’
  • When you know the location and/or year the photo was taken, try ‘Photos recently taken in [Place]’ or ‘Photos taken in [Place] in [Year]’.
  • If the photo is of you and another person, type ‘Photos of me and [Person].

Checking Images Without Facebook Account

  • Yes you can check the images with out logging into Facebook. But it is very difficult as you need to narrow down for what you are looking for as you need search in directory of Facebook where you can access the lots of images
  • Here is the directory link

Check For Stolen Images

If you think someone has posted images you own on Facebook without your permission, start by using a reverse image search by simply following the steps

  • Either copy the image location (by right-clicking on the photo) or download the image to your machine. Input image location or upload photo to the search engine.
  • Submit to view search engine results. If the image has been used elsewhere, it will be noted by the search engine.

Thus there are different ways to search the images in Facebook. Of course, user privacy settings definitely impact results.

As promised, here are frequently asked question on Find Facebook profile from picture

Q. Photo finder Facebook?

Ans- Download the software from here and you are good to go. Additionally, this app here will help.

Q. Facebook image search engine

Ans- All the three methods for Facebook image search engine is shared above.

Q. Find a person on Facebook using a photo

Ans- I have found this great article here that explains on how to find a person on Facebook using a photo.

Q. Find a person by photo only

Ans- Go to and upload the photo for which you want to Find a person by photo only and you will get all the matching photo.

Q. Find Facebook profile from picture

Ans- Please go though the above articles that explains in detail about Find Facebook Profile from Picture.

Q. Find Facebook id from picture

Ans- To Facebook ID from picture, please go through the article here.

Q. Search Facebook profile by picture

Ans- In order to search Facebook profile by picture, I’d shared all the detail steps above.