How To Erase The Data In Android Phone Permanently Check It Now

How To Erase The Data In Android Phone: Smartphones which has become smarter day by day with new updates and many more changes which becomes users to use it as per his/her requirements. Smartphone is not only used for calling or browsing it also used for different purposes. Almost every work once we used to do it in PC now the technology is simplified in such a way that you can complete your work through your smartphone, which is a great think that we can take into consideration. As you can use your smartphone for various purposes it is obvious that you store all the information automatically or manually in your phone which can be a confidential. Every year there are different smartphones gets launched in the market and new versions of same brands comes to market which attracts you. Every one wants to get the best mobile so if you can’t hold the two smartphone so you may want to sell it. But ever you thought about the data which is stored in your smartphone which you want to sell for your new ones?? There are different apps in market which can help you in restoring the data. Which means deleted data can be again easily recovered. This results in facing huddles when your personal data like personal photos,messages and many more can be restored. So before selling your phone you need to delete the data permanently. You need to erase the data completely so that no one else who busy can’t restore the data. Don’t worry if you have no idea on this we are here with the article which helps you in understanding How To Erase The Data In Android Phone Completely and Permanently check the article completely for better understanding

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How To Erase The Data In Android Phone Permanently Check It Now

How To Erase The Data In Android Phone
It’s a very common thought that every smartphone user have in deleting the data that is doing a ‘Factory Reset‘ can help them securely deleting the data from a smartphone. Unfortunately, that’s not the real case, once you done a factory reset a file is not actually erased when it’s deleted. You can only make the information it holds is marked as deleted/hidden into some other free location on the storage. So this is not the actual solution we are looking for.

No worries for the smartphone users, that it’s very easy to ‘permanently’ erase anything and everything from and Android device. Here are the two best steps which will help you in erasing the data completely and permanently.

  • Encrypt device storage:
  • Overwrite with throwaway data:

How To Erase The Data In Android Phone:

Encrypt device storage:

Whats is this Encrypt?? Encryption helps in converting the data and information which was stored on a smartphone into a different format known as cryptic format before we could initiate a factory reset. Once if you Encrypt the data without a proper decryption, the data appears just like a garbled mess which makes no sense in understanding. Encrypting the device storage make sure that even if some files which are left some how after a factory reset operation, then they just appear as random rubbish which is not the actual data and not the actual deal even if any once access that data.

But how to do encrypt the date? Here are the steps along with Images.

Encrypt device storage

To encrypt the device’s storage, you have to navigate to Settings > Security (or related setting) and tap on the ‘ Encrypt phone ‘ option.


Once you tap on the Encrypt Phone, the phone take a while encrypting  based on how much amount of data is stored on the device, this may take a few minutes to complete. Once the encryption is successfully done,  after that you can perform the factory reset with out any issues.

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Overwrite with throwaway data:

The first option which is encrypting the device and then doing a factory reset is generally enough to completely erase all the data securely, but doing a little bit more to securely deleting the data doesn’t hurt right? In order to do the extra mile,  you have to set up the smartphone after factory resetting it. But make sure that no email details are added this time.


Once the setup is successfully  completed, you have to record a junk video for as long as the internal storage on the device doesn’t get filled up. By doing this which will help you in overwriting the free space with throwaway data.

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