How to Deactivate Facebook Account 2018 & Delete Permanently?

If you have been following the news lately, you must have heard about recent controversies(cambridge analytica controversies) about how Facebook track your every move on the internet whether you are logged in or logged out. And if you have decided to get rid of this snooping machine then we are here to help you. We will tell you how to get rid of Facebook temporarily or permanently with guide on How to Deactivate Facebook Account 2018.

Before, we start of with the tutorial below, we just wanted to give a small information here that deleting Facebook permanently and deactivating Facebook temporarily are two totally different things. So you should be really careful whether you want to take a temporary break or you want to get rid of it permanently.

Note: Do not uninstall the Facebook app thinking you have closed your account, it won’t work. You will have to manually close your account. I know these top social media companies keep the option to deactivate or delete the account mostly hidden. But, we will help you locate those features.

In the paragraph below we have explained in the detail about Facebook, however if you just mean business then you can skip the below para and directly jump to steps to How to Deactivate Facebook Account 2018 and delete Facebook account permanently 2018.

About Facebook 

deactivate facebook 2018

Social Media is definitely playing an important role in defining the way of modern life; everyone can be contacted, found and communicated via different social media platforms which are proving to be main drivers of various changes happening in people’s lives. At a certain moment, people are also making their decisions and building their opinions on different aspects, based on the information available on social media platforms. And this phenomenon has now become a norm in the modern societies across the world.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, where any person can be found and be connected to. One can also stay updated on the contemporary issues and happenings around the world. This has grown in an unprecedented way; not just the young even the older generation is also now learning the modern ways, to be connected to their loved ones irrespective of the place they are at.

What Drives People Away From Facebook?

While some are becoming addicted to different social media platforms apparently living a virtual life, some people are finding it annoying and even feeling it is invading into their personal lives and distancing people from one another while at the same time, connecting them virtually.

This is leading many people to deactivate or close their social media accounts temporarily or permanently. While a significant number of people are disabling or deactivating their social media accounts especially the Facebook; where over a billion of people are registered users and still growing. The company is introducing new and first of its kind changes and features in their service. A certain number of people are still observing Facebook is interfering in their private lives, as either their partners or anyone from their family is being addicted to it.

This addiction to Facebook and other social media domains is leading people further, to disable or deactivate their respective accounts. Many people are choosing the latter to stay away from Facebook in this regard. While the social media giant is also offering many options to secure the user’s accounts; also to temporarily deactivate them as per their respective choices. Even after deactivating one’s account on Facebook, they can again reactivate it and restore most of the information they uploaded or shared, while some data would be erased as per the company’s guidelines which could be the posts which users have might have shared in the past.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account 2018?

To deactivate your Facebook account 2018, follow the following steps

  • Click on the three lines on left bottom of the Facebook Main Page.


  • Once you navigate to the next page Select ‘Settings’ as shown in the screenshot below:


  • Once you click on the settings option, you will see the options such as account settings, Payment settings. Tap on the account settings option.


  • After you tap on the account settings, you will see the options for General, tap on it as shown in the screenshot below.

Facebook general settings

  • Now click on manage account as shown in the screenshot below:

Manage account Facebook

  • Now click on deactivate, enter the password once again and your account will be temporarily disabled unless you login again.

Deactivate Facebook 2018

How to Deactivate Facebook Account 2018 DESKTOP

  • On top right of the Facebook main page, there is a drop down Arrow. After clicking a list of links get pop-up such as Create Page, Settings etc.

Deactivate Facebook 2018

  • Select ‘Settings’ then click on Security tab which is placed on the right side and then will be able to see Deactivate Your Account link.

Deactivate Facebook options

  • After clicking on the link a new window gets open thereby giving the introduction about deactivation. Then again the deactivation link is clicked.

Deactivate Facebook news feed

  • After clicking the deactivation link again new page gets opened where we have to select the reason for deactivating the Facebook account where by the options are listed. Select any of the desired option and then click deactivate.
  • If any of the options doesn’t suits you then you may select ‘other’ where you have to explain further and then finally click on deactivate.

Despite disabling your Facebook accounts temporarily, the users can again reactivate it by restoring your respective profiles.

Guide To Permanently Delete Facebook Account:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click on the link Delete Facebook account or click on the link and the it will ask for login if you are not logged into Facebook
  • There is no option available in your Facebook account to delete the account permanently
  • Once you logged in and clicked on the given link a pop window will be appeared on the screen
  • Click on the Delete My Account button
  • Confirm it with your password and security text which is used to make sure you are not a robot
  • After confirming another pop up will be seen just to make sure are you okay with deleting your account if yes then click Okay button
  • Now you would be logged out from your Facebook account. Check your email with the subject “Account Scheduled for Deletion“.
  • When you will log in again, a new pop-up appears. It say to either to “Cancel Deletion” or “Confirm Deletion“. Now again the choice is yours, “Cancel Deletion” if you want to come again or “Confirm Deletion” if you still stick with your decision.

Several active Facebook users are also deactivating their Facebook accounts, owing to the distraction and the distances it’s creating in relationships, at the same time some are experiencing health disorders, which is ultimately leading them into mental depression and several other health issues. In the end, it depends on an individual, if they wish to keep their Facebook accounts active or they want to disable them.

Advantages of Facebook 2018

  • Facebook has been and continues to be useful and helpful, in connecting with their near and dear ones.
  • Facebook also aids in updating the critical information timely related to professional fields, which would help professionals in performing better at their workplace through Facebook pages related to their respective fields.
  • Many people use Facebook for promotions and marketing their business to help it grow and expand.
  • The pages on the popular social media network – Facebook is garnering an unprecedented following, which is, in turn, helping in popularizing any new event happening or latest update on the NEWS front in any corner of the world.

Citing these reasons several people irrespective of age group are staying active on Facebook, while some are keeping themselves away from it by deactivating their accounts or some by even deleting them.

However, there are both advantages and disadvantages in being active in the online world. And it’s up to people to ensure their presence in the virtual world helps them in growth on their personal and professional front, rather affecting it.