How to avoid Facebook tracking your activities: AlertFB is not free

If you think Facebook is free, you might wanna change your perception. A little research on How Facebook generate revenue selling your browsing activities to Advertisers will open the dark side of it. I’ll not get into more details of it, however what I will do is suggest you on how you can avoid Facebook tracking your activities.

You must have wondered, the site which you were browsing just a few minutes back has wind up as Ads on your Facebook timeline. Well! there is no magic behind this, read on for more details.

If you think that only Facebook is the culprit here, its highly unlikely as many social media sites tracks your activity. But, the concept explained below might work for other sites as well but guaranteed work for Facebook.

Another reasons as to why they watch closely because with this they will understands users well and this helps serving them advertisements that are more relevant. Depending on how your idea of privacy and convenience this can either be a good thing or bad.

Delete Facebook permanently 

But irrespective of what you feel about how Facebook watches, is fairly unwelcome by us. There is one mistake most of the users make which helps Facebook track you better. But we can always undo that, detailed instructions shared below:

How to avoid Facebook tracking your activities

Avoid Facebook Tracking

Most of us who uses internet know the concepts like “cookies”. These cookies plays major role in understanding the concept of logged users onto a site. Most of the people don’t care about it, but those who often log out of the websites once they have finished their work has an upper hand here. This means, once that email is sent or the FB post is updated, the user logs out to minimize the web tracking in short closes the webtracking.

But let talk about Facebook tracking, this is where most of the people make a mistake. The culprit here is Facebook login API. Because the Facebook API can be used by hundreds of websites. Web users most of them use this API all the time even when they are not using Facebook.

How you’re logged into two system at once on Facebook ?

Here is the example on How? Suppose you are on Quikr or OLX, and you want to sell something. Most of the users instead of creating an account with OLX, use thier Facebook to log into the network. You will be successfully logged in, place an ad or respond to an ad and then log out of the OLX or Quikr.

Here is the mistake which we ignore and most of the people don’t know. Now, you would assume that you have logged out of Facebook’s network. But actually NO. Logging out of OLX, even if you are using Facebook ID to log in, only logs you from the OLX.

How you can logged out of two system ?

In the system, you continue to be logged into the Facebook network. Which means that after logging out of the OLX if you open Facebook, you won’t have to log into the social media site. You will directly go to your timeline.

What this means is that once you have logged into a third-party website using Facebook ID, you not only have to log out of that website but also need to open Facebook and then log out again. If you don’t do so and some other person tries to open Facebook and sees your profile and he can easily misuse it.

Difference Between Deactivating Facebook Deleting Facebook

As said if you log out from Facebook after your third party website logout then only you will be out of Facebook network. If you just log out of the third-party website, Facebook would continue to identify your browsing session and probably connect it to your profile.