How To Get Facebook Birthday Reminder Of Your Friends On Your Phone

I know we all have been there where we have missed wishing our friends on their Birthdays. But those days are gone, Now Facebook does all the job for us. But, what if we didn’t open Facebook for some days, then we may miss our Friends Birthday. However, Ther

Facebook Birthday Reminder is the top most feature which helps us in wishing our friends birthday in Facebook. But what if we forgot to open the Facebook and that day we will miss our friends birthday. But how if we get reminders via email and sms of our friends birthday with out opening Facebook at all.

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Yes, there is an option where you will get the notification about your friends birthdays. For this we need to do follow few simple steps that help yous in achieving our goal of getting the birthday alerts by Facebook Birthday Reminder.

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In order to know the steps and tricks about how to get Facebook Birthday reminder please go through the complete description that helps you in getting birthday alerts to your android phone.

How To Get Facebook Birthday Reminder In Android Phone

Facebook Birthday Reminder

Setting up Facebook Birthday Reminder is very easy and simple. But in order to setup we need Google calendar help as it will help us in reminding on when is our friends birthday via email and sms.

Getting SMS to out smart gadget is very helpful for keeping us updated on friends and relatives birthdays who all are connected in Facebook.

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Lets go through the below instructions on how to set the Facebook Birthday Reminder. Along with that images are included to make it simple and detail

Facebook Birthday Reminder:

  1. Users need to login to their Facebook Account
  2. Once you login to the Facebook click on the Events tab which is on left side panel
  3. a1a2
  4. On bottom right you can see Birthdays click on that to get the URL or right click on it and open it in new window
  5. a3
  6. Copy that particular URL.

The above steps are to be followed in Facebook. Once we get the URL now our work is in Gmail in order to import it in the Google Calendar.

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Follow the steps if you couldn’t find or Add the Google Calendar on Left panel:

  1. User need to login to their Gmail
  2. Once you login to gmail click on gear icon on top right
  3. a4
  4. Then click on settings
  5. a5
  6. After that click on Labs tab 
  7. a6
  8. In that you can see the Google calendar enable it and save
  9. a7
  10. After that return to the inbox tab and under the chat list you can see the three dots click on that
  11. a8
  12. You can see the calendar
  13. a9
  14. Under the calendar click on Option. After that click on open calendar
  15. a10
  16. Under Other Calendar drop down click on Add by URL
  17. a11
  18. Now paste the URL which was copied from the Facebook
  19. a12
  20. After that click on Add Calendar

These are the steps which helps you in adding the Facebook Birthday Reminder to Google calendar and this will help you in getting notifications about your friends birthday.

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