Gadgets Expo 2017 International Trade Exhibition In Mumbai

Gadgets Expo 2017 is the trade exhibition on consumer electronics, gadgets and gizmos. All the gadget freaks mark your calendar because there is an event in Mumbai on Gadgets.

At the Mombay Convention & Exhibition Centre BCEC in Mumbai there will be a Gadget Expo International, which is a trade exhibition on the consumer electronics, gadgets and gizmos. This international gadget expo usually takes place on an annual basis.

What This Gadget Expo Includes?

Under one roof you can experience most incredible consumer tech, gadgets, and gizmos. Which means that there will be numerous start-ups companies, decision makers, government officials, investors, etc. across all over India and abroad, and also interested consumers on the gadgets and Gadget Expo 2017 are gathered under one roof.

This trade exhibition provides a special exhibition areas and lounges which are available for detailed talks between the exhibitors and potential customers. Apart from this it will also helps in knowledge sharing. It provides a platform for the visitors to exchange of their knowledge among with experts.

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Trading exhibitions is a long day process so the Gadgets Expo 2017 International will take place on 4 days. Check the below information to know about the complete details about the dates and the exact location in Mumbai.

Gadgets Expo 2017 International Trade Exhibition In Mumbai

Gadgets Expo 2017

As per the sources and from the Trade Shows PVT Ltd they states that Gadget Expo 2017 will be a never-before gathering of the latest products, gadgets and innovations in India. And every one knows and believes that it is the only platform that helps to know about the most interesting consumer tech, gadgets, and gizmos which fall under one roof. The Trade show Exhibition attracts attention and expects a thousands of trade visitors from across India and even beyond.

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Users or the people who all attend this expo will experience the mind-blowing technology and futuristic innovations under this Gadgets Expo 2017. As the Trade Show Pvt Ltd is going to expect a huge audience of dealers, distributors, bulk buyers, manufacturers, suppliers in this exhibition. Not only those people apart from that they are expecting the global investors, organisation managing directors,company CEOs, decision makers, government officials, startups, tech enthusiasts, consumers, and also national and international media.

Official Website Of Gadget Expo 2017

10.08.2017 – 13.08.2017*
Thursday – Sunday, 4 days

There is of Exhibitor Profile in the International Trade Exhibition. As we can expect many Exhibitors across the categories some of them are like

Tech Gadgets* Smart Phones *High-Tech Cars & Bikes *Drones *Audio & Video Devices  *Mobile Applications *Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Products

Accessories: *Home Entertainment *Cameras & Accessories *Wearables& Fitness Trackers *Consumer Durables*Home Electronics *Computers & Peripherals *Gaming *3D Printing

Start Ups: *IT Products & Smart Homes *Internet-Enabled Services *Wireless Technology *Robotics *Sensor-Enabled Devices *Security & Surveillance *Communications Infrastructure *Computer Software & Services  *Artificial Intelligence Technologies

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Visitors Profiles On Gadget Expo 2017:

As it is a national and international expo we can expect a huge number of visitors across the globe.

The visitors are from different streams or businesses. Some of them are listed to have an idea about the expo visitors.

As expected there will dealers, distributors, bulk buyers like tech freaks, manufacturers, suppliers, global investors, managing directors,company CEOs.

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Apart from this there will be startups in this expo which is an advantage for startup because they can meet the experts here and get the most important tips and suggestions which will help them to succeed in the market.And also tech enthusiasts, consumers, and national and international media can also be seen in this Gadget Expo 2017 Trade Exhibition.


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