How To Find Hidden Messages On Facebook? Here Are The Steps With Pictures

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Hidden Messages On Facebook is some thing strange for few Fb users. Most of the users don’t know that Facebook has two inboxes. If some one says that they have sent you a message on Facebook but you are unable to see that message then that message is stored in Hidden Inbox.

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Facebook hidden messages is something like a feature that help its users to keep away from spam messages. Sometimes this feature causes damage because the hidden inbox contains the messages which Facebook consider as spam. So times our friend of friend messages us and it will come to our normal inbox but unfortunately in some odd time those messages will be stored in hidden inboxes. Now many of you’re thinking that how many messages were pending in your Facebook Hidden Inbox. In order to check the Hidden Messages On Facebook go through the below article where each and every step is clearly explained along with the pictures.

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How To Find Hidden Messages On Facebook? Here Are The Steps With Pictures

With out wasting a moment here are the steps that will help you in how to find hidden messages on Facebook. User can see these hidden messages both in desktop view and also in mobile application, First we go with the desktop version and then with Mobile application called Messenger.

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Steps to check how to find hidden messages on Facebook:

Step1: Login to the Facebook by clicking the link here

Step2: Once you login to the Facebook on the left panel you will notice Messenger click on that tab

Step3: A new page with Messenger will be loaded click on the Gear icon on the top left corner

Step4: Click on the Message Requests from the Drop down

Step5: Click on the link which says See Filtered Requests in order to see the hidden messages Facebook.

How to Find Hidden Messages On Facebook In Mobile Application Messenger:

Step1: Open the Messenger Application in your smartphone

Step2: Tap on the right bottom corner of the application

Step3: And then Tap on the Message Requests  in order to see the messages which are hidden in Facebook

These are the different steps which you need to follow in order to check the hidden messages in Facebook.

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Conclusion on how to find hidden messages on Facebook: Hope this article on how to find hidden messages on Facebook was helpful for all the folks looking to find hidden messages on Facebook. In case, you have any doubt on how to find hidden messages on Facebook, do let know from the comment section below and we will try to clear any doubt you have on how to find hidden messages on Facebook.

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