Facebook Video Auto Play Disable On Android Check Steps

Facebook Video Auto Play: Every time Facebook comes with new features and updates in order to give a better service and user experience. Users can share different type of rich media on their time line and friends time line. In the mean time Facebook defined a feature of sharing the videos which is massive success. There are few setting users need to tweak to get the better output in using this feature. But playing videos more frequently you will end up usage of more data than required. As every video is no need to play if you want but  by default the videos will be automatically played when you scroll to any video. There is an option in the setting which will help you in decide when the video should play. How to check and change the settings are listed below along with the images. Check the detail info in the below article

Facebook Video Auto Play Disable On Android Check Steps

Facebook Video Auto Play

As most of the users uses the Facebook in mobiles than in Desktop. In app there are few settings which will change the video auto play setting. Check the below steps along with images which will help you in change the settings easily.

1). Open the App in your mobile And tap on the setting option on last of the screen


2). Tap on the App settings which was listed in the list

App settings

3).Tap on the Auto-play


4).Opens up with a three options and then select your required option. If it is never opted then the video will never play automatically it will the best option from our end we can suggest.


The above are the options which were available in the Facebook application which helps you in turning off the videos Auto-play.

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