Facebook Tips For Android Users- Coolest Tricks

I own an Android Phone, to be precise I use Galaxy s7 phone and recently came to know about some mind blowing tricks that you can try out if you use Facebook for Android Phone. I’ll be sharing all those tricks here that will make you more expert of Facebook and these can be used to impress your friends and family.

I’m sure if you have a smartphone, Facebook is the must have app on every phone. Irrelevant of any Android Phone you’re running you’ll find these tips helpful for sorting through your news feed, fixing security of your account, finding the best content faster and sharing status updates more easily, and many more. Read On below for more details……

Facebook Tips For Android Users- Best Tricks List Here

Facebook Tips For Android

1) Manage Your Notification:

With out wasting any time follow the steps below to manage the notifications that you receive in Facebook

Login to your app. Then navigate to App settings > Notification settings and then you’ll be able to enable or disable alerts for different notification like wall posts, comments, friend requests, photo tags, event invites and more.

manage notifications

2) Find Interesting Places Nearby Your Location:

Android can do certain tricks that the desktop site can’t. Just  navigate to App settings > Nearby places it will show you different categories and even you can select your current location to check your nearby restaurants, ATMs and many more.

nearby places

3) Filter The News Feeds:

The Facebook app gives you access to your customized lists from the main menu too. To change the list someone appears in, simply head to their profile and tap Friends > Edit Friend List.

If you want to add or remove any whole lists (‘family’ or ‘best friends’, for example), you’ll need to do this from a computer.

4) Share Posts To Other Apps:

If you like any posts on Facebook and want to share it on whatsapp you can actually do this. Just tap on the post and then tap on the three dots on top right then it will show an option called share external tab on that and select on which app you want to share. If it is on whatsapp tap on whatsapp app

share post

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5)  Stop Videos From Auto-Playing:

You can actually stop videos from auto-play as Facebook came with a new feature that is playing the videos automatically. You can disable this feature by following the steps.

App settings>settings>autoplay>(select the option which suits best for you)

6) Save Videos And Links:

This is very simple. Just follow the Images helps you in clear understanding. Tap on drop down beside the video post and then tap on save video. So simple isn’t it.

>>>>>>>>save video

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7) Account Security:

Facebook app, tap Account Settings > Security > Active Sessions — here you can see all of the places and devices associated with your Facebook account. With the help of this you can manage the security settings.


8) Favorite Friends:

Tap on the Top-right corner of the Facebook app.

Select Edit and you can bring the contacts you interact with most often to the top of the list, saving you the time and effort of hunting through the list to find your favorite friends.

favorite friend

9) Hide Friends Feed:

To do this, go to their page, tap on Following, then select Unfollow. They won’t know it, but you’ll never see their posts, or posts they are tagged in again.

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10) Prioritize Friends Feed:

Simply go to their page, tap Following, and then See First. Any posts that this friend makes will jump to the top of the news feed so that you never miss them.

11) Lighter Version Of Facebook:

There is also an official Facebook Lite app. Otherwise, you can just add a shortcut to the Facebook website on your home screen and use that. In Chrome, you can also allow notifications from the site by heading to Settings > Site settings > Notifications and making sure they’re turned on and unblocked for Facebook.

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