Facebook celebrates 30 years of GIF Using In Comments

Facebook celebrates 30 years of GIF: Facebook is celebrating the 30 yrs of GIF which means GIF turns 30 by today. And Facebook is using this opportunity and celebrating in an unique way.

Facebook used this opportunity by adding a few GIF-related features to its service. Yes, now every FB user can use this GIF feature in the comment box both in Facebook Desktop version and also in mobile app. Goo through the complete article to know more about the Facebook feature that recently launched and trending the social media.

Facebook celebrates 30 years of GIF Using In Comments

Facebook celebrates 30 years of GIF

A Small Bio On GIF:

Most of the people know about GIF but don’t know who is the creator of this file. Steve Wilhite is the man who is the reason for GIF which we are using today. He created the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) 30 years ago, but may be he never knew that the world would be going crazy over the 8-bit per pixel animated pictures in the second decade of the 21st century.

Facebook celebrates 30 years of GIF 

As per the sources and the recent blog post, we came to know that Facebook announced the release of a new feature to the platform wherein members can put in GIFs as comments. Which means that from now on wards in the comment box you can add the GIFs to the post. A new GIF button has been recently added to the comment section voth website as well as the Facebook app for both Android and iOS. From now on wards users can choose from the trending GIFs or search for their own.

Facebook has also initiated something known as the GIF party, where popular faces from the internet like Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, Patrick Starr and many others have created GIFs with variable expressions in front of party backgrounds. Facebook states these GIFs as “unique and shareable morsel of human expression”.

To make it a memorable celebration for all the debaters on Facebook, they have also introduced a debate over the age-old topic – How is the ‘G’ in GIF pronounced as? Is it ‘hard g’ or ‘soft g’? Unfortunately, only US members will be able to participate in the debate. Facebook will reveal the results sometime later.

Below Are the Images Where You Can Access The GIF section In Comments

In the desktop version once you logon to your Facebook Account and after that once you click on comment box on any of the post, you can see a GIF tab through which you can comment the GIF. Even Facebook also gives you a hint with a pop up message about the GIF. Check the below image for reference.

Desktop Version




Facebook App Version:

Even in the Facebook App also there is a feasibility of commenting GIFs that is the interesting part. It not only stick to the desktop version. To comment GIFs you need to follow the same steps as above.

1m 2m 3m

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