Facebook Backup Photos Videos Text Restore Check For More Details

Facebook Backup: Facebook is the biggest social media where every person uses most of the time in his day to day life. Now facebook has become the major means of communication. There are so many feature that facebook has launched and many of us even don’t know what exactly what feature is used for. Any way it can be learned from our day to day usage. How about the deleting the data like photos ,videos or the conversations which we think it’s no more required and deleted them. But after few days or month missing those memories and want them back but is it possible ?? can data be restored from FB. For these questions I’ve answer as yes. You can restore the data what ever you’ve deleted. No need of any third party applications and all it can be done in very few simple steps. Just go through the article to get to know about how to backup data along with images.

Facebook Backup Photos Videos Text Restore Check For More Details

Facebook Backup

Hi friends, today I’m gonna explain you how to back up the data with out any third party applications. Here are the steps along with the images.

STEP1: Login to your Facebook with you FB ID and Password.

STEP2: Once you login click on the Account

STEP3: Once you click on the Account in that you can find settings which is shown in the below image click on that



STEP4: After you click on that it opens a general account setting tab. At the bottom of that you can find a link which says”Download A copy of your faceboook data” which is shown in the image click on that



STEP5: Once you click on the link you can notice the Start My Archive button as per the image click on the button


STEP6: It will ask your Facebook password so please enter your password once again as shown in the image itself



STEP7: After entering you password submit it. Then there is pop shows a button as “start my archive” click on it as shown in the image



STEP8: Then you will be notified with a message that the data is gathering in a short it will be sent to the respective email ID. So after requesting visit you email so that you can find the email regarding you data request.


These are the simple steps which can be followed to get the lost or deleted memories back. Keep visiting this website for more updates and tips about the latest and suitable applications to make it more useful to the users who were using them.

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