Easiest ways to download Facebook Videos

In recent years, Facebook has started competing with many video sharing sites like Youtube, Dailymotion Etc. With the new feature where FB users are able to watch videos directly on their wall without re-directing to Youtube or any other site.

We definitely love this feature, however the odd thing here is the videos plays automatically eating up lots of our internet data. There is also an option in which you can disable the auto play feature. So, why not download the videos once and keep watching as many times we like and save our internet pack. Yes, its possible we have complied and easiest step below to download Facebook videos.

We love using Facebook !

Most of us spend time on FB by chatting or reading the news feeds some usually view the videos which were uploaded by their friends or Live videos. We usually like some of the videos on Facebook and instantly wants to download it but the problem is how to download Facebook videos. Don’t worry we have got it covered for you.  In the post below we have outline one of the easiest way to download Facebook Videos that is available on the internet.

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Download Facebook Videos: Here are the Steps

Facebook Videos

It’s super easy to download Facebook Videos which you have uploaded earlier and you can also download Facebook videos which were share or posted by your friend. Lets start with downloading the video which you uploaded earlier.

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Steps To Download Facebook Videos Uploaded By You:

Step1: First of all login to your Facebook Account by clicking here

Step2: Once you login to your Facebook go to your timeline by clicking on your name


Step3: After page redirects to your timeline click on More drop down and then click on Videos

Step4: Once you click on videos list of videos will be displayed click on the video which you want to download once you click the video starts playing.

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Step5: Under the video there will be a button called Option click on that button it will show an option to download the video


The above are the steps to download the videos which were uploaded by you in Facebook.

Coming to download the videos which were uploaded or shared by your friends sadly Facebook doesn’t allow to download but there is a trick you can download any video you watch in Facebook check the steps below.

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Steps To Download Facebook Videos Posted/Shared By Your Friend:

Step1: Login to the Facebook and find the video which you want to download or you would like to download.

Step2. Once you find the video click on it and will start playing then select the link in the address bar.

Step3. Then change the URL in Address bar as follows- change “www” to “m” so that the initial part of the URL looks like https://m.facebook.com/

Step4. Once you change the URL, hit enter to open the mobile version of the page.

Step5. After you hit the enter mobile version page will be opened, click play and then right click the video and then select Save video as, Save target as or Save link from the options depending your browser.

Step6. Then choose where you want to save it.
These are the steps which can be followed easily to download Facebook videos which were uploaded by your  or any one.
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