Earn With Drop App & Get Cash & Rewards

Do you love shopping? 

I know we all do😎

But what if I tell you, every time you shop you can earn rewards points🤩. 

Yes, using a earn with drop app it’s possible. 

You may think what am I going to do with these rewards points? 

We all love Netflix and chill or shopping on Amazon or ordered food online.

Well, these rewards points will come in handy whenever you purchase something from Amazon or subscribed to Netflix or ordered coffee from Starbucks. 

A very simple way to use earn with drop app is by using drop rewards app whenever you shop online.

Instead of directly buying when you use drop app, you get rewards points which you can use to shop online.

Sweet deal right?

But hey you may think these rewards point apps are mostly a scam. 

Don’t worry, we have done research from our end and even used this app.  Now, we can confirm its legitimacy. You can read more about them on their Wikipedia page here

So how does Earnwithdropapp work?

In brief, whenever you shop using this app, you can earn rewards points. 

What kind of shopping will earn me points?

Ordered something from Ubereats, booked a cab, booked a flight, all the normal shopping stuff that we do online. 

I know you want to know more about the benefits of dropapp.

Let’s see more then,

Features of Earn With Drop App

Earn With Drop App

  •     In drop, there are various ways to get bonus points. The most famous is its referral program. Some call it drop app promo code. Under this, if you refer your friends to use this app, you will get 1000 points per friend. For 5 friends, it will be 5000 points. This way you can quickly make points.
  •     For your ease of knowing,1000 points account for $ 1 and thus, 5000 points will make up $5.
  •     You can not just shop but also use drop for other entertainment or travel and fashion services. You can book a hotel or resort on Rocketmiles and can also book and reserve your flights from Expedia.
  •     There are umpteen numbers of brands to shop from. The various important details are Uber, Walmart, Amazon, Indigo, Adidas, Instacart, Banana Republic, Walgreens, Target, Wholefoods, etc. There are local Canadian retails also such as Borewell and Koho.
  •     In order to keep track of your bonus points, you can click on the Discover Tab in-app and then click on unlock bonuses to see them.
  •     This app is also unique given that the bonuses you earn won’t expire. The points keep on accumulating as you spend more and can be used anytime. They only expire when you remove your account.
  •     You however can’t redeem the points anytime. You can only redeem a minimum of 5000 points which will account for $5. All the brands will have a different upper limit for redeeming. Like Koho demands a minimum of 20000 points.
  •     You can also redeem your points in the form of gift cards at Netflix and chill!
  •     And lastly, the most exciting feature is that, if you spend at least 5 times then you will be able to unlock the Super Charge Offer. Under this, you will play a Snake game like the one you played on Nokia’s phone in childhood. This way you can earn even more points.

Now that we know the top features of Dropapp. You might want to know how to use this app? 

How to use Drop Or How Drop app works?

To use the app, you need to follow these simple steps and guidelines:

  •     You should first download drop app for Android from Google Play & Download Dropapp For appstore Here.
  •     Then there comes the main step of linking either your debit or credit card. You can link both also but then it’s your choice.
  •     Once you join the app, you will get 1000 points just for joining.
  •     If you link both the cards, that is, debit card and credit card, then you will get 2000 points.
  •     Then, after card linking is over, you are supposed to select 5 brands or retail stores from which you want to shop. These include some big names like Walmart, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Amazon, Uber eats, etc.
  •     After that, you can freely do shopping from the 5 chosen brands and start earning rewards on spending. Your points will accumulate which you can redeem later to get gift cards.

Here is a step by step process to download drop app from the website as well  

The official logo or sign of the app is in the form of a flipped 6. It is parrot green in color and stands in a white background.

It is very easy for Canadians and Americans to download this app. People from other countries can’t use it since it’s not available to them. It’s strictly for Canadians and Americans.

They can directly find it on Google Play or Play Store, from where they have to just click the install button.

They can also register themselves on the earnwithdrop.com portal. Apart from that, you can get it on iOS or Android operating systems too.

The app is completely free to download.

Other steps to find more information are:

  •     Type ” drop app” in Google or Chrome search engine
  •     Click on the very first website result that will appear on top.
  •     Open it and you will find general information on an app like Careers, Home, Get Drop, etc.

Every app or software in the market have pros and cons and earn with drop app is no exception to it.


  • One of the simplest way to earn reward points online.
  • More points to shop as compared to other alternative apps
  • Can be used along with other cashback apps

Things I don’t like about drop rewards app

  • Would be nice if they include earning money as well
  • Right now only top brands are available, would be nice to include small brands as well.
  • You can only earn a maximum of 5,000 points per week. More than this will not be counted.

How much can you earn with drop every time you shop?

I used to earn about 3% – 4% back on my purchases. The rewards points differ from merchant to merchant. You may receive more points at one of your favorite stores than another.

Drop reward app can be set up in just 3 simple steps:

  • Download Drop Rewards App
  • Create your account and need to link the back account.
  • Then, select your favourite store

About the Earn With Drop App

Almost four years ago, a new app was launched in the Technological market. The app had soon taken over the Canadian market space, with its popularity soaring day by day. 

This was not any boring one that we had been using, but a new application that was well thought of and was built by millennials and youngsters, for the new generation only. 

The app is none other than Cash Drop App. The name may sound quite a little weird but the app is a masterpiece to use!

The app is well renowned with its own Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. It has many followers and employees working under it.

The app was devised in August 2015 by four millennials- Derrick Fung, Darren Fung, Akhil Gupta, and Cameron Dearsley. Out of them, Akhil Gupta is of Indian- origin.

The industry that this app falls in is called a loyalty program. Well, honestly, it is rightfully called so because a loyalty program is usually an app or service that encourages customers to keep spending or buying.

 In return, industry provides discounts or gift vouchers along with the spendings. The app also employs the same feature of a loyalty program and by providing the clients and customers with gift cards, it enhances retail spending.

The name of the app came from the interest of the CEO of the app in music. So it stands for ” Drop Bass”, as was reported on the official Instagram page of Drop.

The app was finally launched in 2016 in Canada. It has successfully seen tremendous growth there and expanded itself to launch in the  United States of America too. Finally, in 2017 it came to the USA as well.

Its offices are based in Toronto, Canada, and New York, USA. 

You May Have Some Safety Concerns Related To Drop app  

We have covered it below.

According to the App, it employs the usage of 256-bit encryption to ensure that all data stored is safe.

It never stores the bank credentials and details of customers. It also never has access to the accounts of drop partners. This all is done to ensure complete Right to privacy and no infringement. Which means that it’s completely safe to use.

Also, many people who posted reviews on the app’s page on Playstore talk about it being excellent and secure.

So don’t hesitate and the go-ahead to use it.

Conclusion: Lastly, it can be said that the Technology is improving day by day. Rather than limiting yourself to the old apps which give underrated discounts which you can’t even use, you can buy this new one.

Obviously, it is a complete shopping app of its sorts, where you shop and get gift cards. Also that sometimes users get lured by the infinite offers and tend to spend more than required, leaving them in debt. 

Yet the ideas used to devise it brilliantly and you can always hold back your desires if you feel like spending more.

  • So go and download today! Keep following Gadgetdose for latest tech news!