Download Android O and Install Steps

Android O is the upcoming mobile operating system. On march 21st 2017 developer preview was released recently on may 17th second developer preview was released. The further previews will be in the following months.

However, the official release of this smart OS is scheduled for 3rd quarter of this year. The basic overview on the features that include in this Android O are as follows:

~Notifications can be snoozed

~”Settings” is going to have a new design

~Android O supports Picture-In-Picture mode.

~”Channels” which is a topic based groups

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These are the few features which are more highlighted. To continue with the Android O Launcher installation steps go through the below content.

Download Android O and Install Steps


Android O Launcher

There is a Developers community called XDA Developers community which helps you in Android O Launcher installation. XDA Developers forum contains the “backport” that helps you in installation of Android O Launcher.

The major requirement in order to proceed further for the installation is that your smartphone has Android 6.0.1 or later version. Apart from that you should enable the option to install apps from unknown sources.

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Here is the link from where you can download the APK file, install the APK file with Android Installer and then press the home button.

There is a recent update on the Android O that the Android O public beta version was released, new app shortcuts were added. By doing a long press on app icons on the home screen, we were able to get the context menus to pop up. Below is the image how it displays once you install



Once you done with the long press you can easily grab these app shortcuts from the menu and can be easily dragged to your start screen or to a folder, so you can access a particular function in an app or quickly start a chat with a favorite contact from the new shortcut.


There are different features which makes this Android O very interesting and coming month more features will added to the current beta versions, the app drawer come up with new feature that is physically animated arrow. Suppose ff you drag the list up, the arrow will show a straight arrow pointing upwards and vice versa.

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The most interesting part about the app is that the wings of the arrow appear to move somewhat sluggishly, which is a beautiful and in detail.

As there are different feature and shortcuts the new app shortcut which is more transparent and quick access to the list of widgets for an app. If you think about it, the launcher developers could have come up with this idea earlier.

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Searching for widgets was sometimes so complicated that only you could only find out what widgets an app offers by stumbling upon it when scrolling through the long list. Now, widgets are more actively pointed out.

3You can easily activate the Google button if the Google app is installed in the options. Notification dots still don’t work until and unless you have a true Android O smartphone, as there is a lack in the programming interface for older android versions.

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The other point which need to be mentioned in this is that in order to change the background wallpaper in the launcher menu, you should have Google’s app, but that’s not a big challenge as it’s available in the Play Store.

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