Donkey Business With Google Facebook In Ludhiana Read Story!!

Donkey Business With Google Facebook: It is strange what we are reading right now. May be you are thinking what this Donkey Business With Google Facebook is there any new kind of business started by Google or Facebook, or we can buy Donkeys over Google and Facebook and so many assumptions rights. OK jokes a part there is a weird incident which took place recently in Ludhiana that incident gone viral over Google and Facebook in a very short time. Today we came with that incident which is now became viral over internet take a look at the complete article to know what exactly the title of the story referring to.

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Donkey Business With Google Facebook In Ludhiana Read Story!!

Donkey Business With Google Facebook

A protest against car brand went viral over the internet. Here is the main story behind the title line which is Donkey Business With Google Facebook.

A Ludhiana Business man (name not disclosed in the sources) hired a couple of Donkeys which is something strange but the main interesting part is that he named those two donkeys Google and Facebook. But why he bought the donkeys? And what he did with those?

He bought those donkeys to pull his car through a busy market. It is not a one day incident or just a couple of minutes scene it happened and the man took this step because he was frustrated with the services provided by the car brand.

The owner of the vehicle who is the business man in Ludhiana his car number PB 10 FC 6006. He recently took out a donkey march with his car in the month of March 9th. AS he got frustrated due to the poor response and services the business man also named his Facebook page with the car brand along with the animal. The car owner, who name is not came out, said he came up with this strange idea on order to make sure to take a serious note for his demand that should result the cars company should improve their services.

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Donkey Business With Google Facebook:

Ludhiana based Business man hired the pairs of donkeys  after that even he named them as– Google, white and Facebook, brown –. The car owner bought these donkeys from its owner Purushottam Singh. Business man is paying the donkey owner about 500 Rupees for the services provided by both the donkeys from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm on the day.

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These steps were taken due to the major reasons which was shared to us by the owner that,

I bought the car for Rs 25 lakh in 2015, and have experienced regular breakdowns since then. Buying the car was the biggest mistake I made. Now I think I should have brought two donkeys with it to tow it each time it broke down.” So, now we can exactly understand what is the situation of the car owner and why he took this step.

However Singh, the owner of the donkeys, got a good deal and earning good profits with this consequences. He said,

I generally use my donkeys to carry grains in Ludhiana which earns me Rs 200 per animal for the day. Here I was getting a good deal of Rs 500 for the day, plus now my donkeys have become famous which is a bonus.

Business man owner of the car pointed that the car company directly refused to change the parts of the car which is under warranty, even though the policy said.

For the point raised by the car owner that the brakes make a weird noise, for which the company replies stating that ‘it is a manufacturing and design defect‘. But when he took a test drive of the car, then there is no such a weird noise said by the car owner.

As per the statement, and by the owner’s charges the car company’s spokesperson replied stating that, “The examination conducted by the technical team reveals that the car specifications have been altered by the customer, which has led to invalidating the company warranty. The modifications have resulted in consequential damage and the warranty states that the manufacturer is not responsible for any aftermarket fitments to the vehicle. Customer service is our number one priority; we always have and will continue to provide full cooperation to the customer to ensure the car is roadworthy at the earliest.
This bit of response is not expected by any car owner. So, that is the reason why he showed his frustration in a different manner and that make viral.
However this issue for the cars and weird answers from the company is not the first time. Earlier also this kind of incidents happened, other luxury auto brand owners have also taken the help of donkeys, to protest poor services after the sales of the cars in India.
The same kind of incident which is already happened earlier. In this business man took help of six donkeys, when his luxury car stopped working after a year-and-ahalf. A Vadodara businessman took help of six donkeys to drag his car around the city. There is another incident in which owner of the car used 4 donkeys to pull his car. These thinks are strange but it is the way to protest and let the auto brands to know that this may easily affect their auto market easily
These other donkey protests inspired me as I was so frustrated that I was not sure what should be done,” said the the Ludhiana- Business man who is the car owner. He also stated that “I put the car brand’s name on the donkeys’ heads so that people would know how I was cheated and that they do not have a similar fate as me.”
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