Does My Youtube CPC will Affect My Blog CPC [Solved]

If you own a blog and a Youtube channel and both using the same Adsense account, then the query “Does My Youtube CPC will Affect My Blog CPC” must have occurred at some point.

When I tried looking for an answer over Google I was surprised to find out that this is one the most confused question on publisher’s mind. So, we did some research and case studies to find out how far is this correct. We are sharing our view’s below.

All the details you need to know on how YouTube CPC works

Adsense performance report

Due to some really critical information involved we will not be sharing our research and case studies but our report below will give you all the details you need to know on how YouTube CPC works, How Youtube RPM is calculated, How Youtube CPM is calculated and whether there are any connection with Youtube CPC and your Blog/website CPC.

I don’t want to keep you waiting for long for the answer. First we will tell you the answer and then will explain everything in detail how?

The answer is ‘NO’. If your blog and Youtube account is connected with same Adsense account, then it won’t affect your cost per click revenue. As a matter of fact, our suggestions would be link the same the Adsense account with your Youtube channel and Blog/website.

The one benefit from linking the same the Adsense account with your Youtube channel and Blog/website is that there more chances Google approving your youtube account for monetizations than a site with new blog or a new youtube channel applying for Adsense approval. It will even improve the authority of your blog and Youtube channel(this is still disputed).

How does Blog/website CPC is calculated and how does Youtube CPC is calculated?

Your website CPC and Youtube CPC is calculated using same method that is the amount of revenue an Advertiser is willing to pay for the particular Ad.

Improving Youtube CPC is tough comparing to Blog/website CPC ?

Yes, CPC is mostly determined by the country from which the clicks are coming. Like clicks from countries like United States, UK will have high value than clicks coming from Asian countries like Pakistan, Burma, Nepal or India.

We have option in our search console or web master tools to target our blog/website to any specific countries where the CPC is more. However, this the drawback of Youtube channel where you cannot target audience from any particular countries. And therefore, Youtube CPC is always between 0.01 to 0.03. Where as for a blog the CPC goes even upto $40.

What can you do to improve your Youtube CPC

As audience selection is not an option for Youtube channel, there are few ways you can increase your Youtube CPC.

English language content your Youtube channel .

Write Youtube video description in English and add high paying CPC keywords(minimum 5) in your video description and keep the description minimum 300 words.

Add relevant tags.

Keep any links you want add to description at the top(not much helps but no harm in adding for CTR).

The above suggestion to improve your Youtube CPC will at least take some time to improve your CPC. If you want instant CPC increase then, article is not useful for you.

Now coming to the detained views on original question whether My Youtube CPC will Affect My Blog CPC please find our insights on this below:

How Adsense CPC is calculated

Adsense CPC calculates all the CPC acquired from all the blogs linked to one Adsense account and average of all the CPC from our diffrent CPC is our actual CPC. Like for an instance,

Blog 1 CPC= 0.03

Blog 2 CPC= 0.07

Blog 3 CPC= 0.10

Then actual CPC= (0.03+0.07+0.10)/ 3 is your actual CPC. In this case it is 0.06.

In your Adsense dashboard, the revenue will only show your Blog revenue and Youtube income will be added at end of the month. You can see Youtube actual CPC and revenue from Youtube account(Creator Studio-Analytics->Revenue Reports).