How To Block Someone In Facebook Check Steps With Pictures

How To Block Someone In Facebook: Today we are going to explain How to block someone in Facebook with detailed steps along with images this will help us to understand clearly.

There are different features Facebook incorporates in their social media to give a best service to their users. Features like messenger, video calling, Facebook groups , Facebook Pages, Facebook Events, Shopping, Live videos and many more. There is an update that just like Google Assistant, Facebook also working towards Facebook’s Assistant very soon we can hear the voice of Facebook Assistant.

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As the social media helps us to connect with friends, family and unknown people with whom we can make friendship later it depends on the bonding and understanding. And there are situations like where we don’t want to get disturbed by other unknown people so we protect our profile by different security features provided by Facebook. However, there are some instances where a person in our friends list disturbs us more often. For these kind of situations Facebook has a feature called Blocking.

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Check the detailed description about the feature and the steps that helps you in understanding How To Block Someone In Facebook.

How To Block Someone In Facebook Check Steps With Pictures

How To Block Someone In Facebook

There is a feature in Facebook where you can keep unwanted people away from your Facebook profile. See the below steps and images that will help you in clearly understanding how to block someone in Facebook.

What Happens When You Block Someone In Facebook:

Before we block someone in Facebook it is mandate to know what are the results we are achieving with this. Blocking majorly allows you to prevent most interactions with someone on Facebook. Who ever the users you block won’t be able to find you in searches, view your timeline, or contact you with pokes or personal messages. In addition, they will not be able to see your timeline posts, comments on mutual friends’ timelines, or that you are a member of the same group as them.

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However, there are certain instances when an individual you have blocked from your account may be able to view your comments on the site and vice versa, including comments on a mutual friend’s photo.

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Here Are The Steps To Know How To Block Someone in Facebook:

Step1: First of all login to the Facebook by click on the Link

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Step2: Once you login to the Facebook click on the top right corner and a list of options will be shown under that click on settings


Step3: A new page with a list of option will be displayed in that on left panel you can see the tab stating as ‘BLOCKING


Step4: Just click on that a list of blocking options will be displayed in that the second option is ‘Block Users

Step5: Enter the name of the user and hit Block a list of people with that name will be shown and beside a button named Block will be shown click on that to block that particular person


With these simple steps you can block the Facebook users. Even they don’t get any notification or alerts on this. However if you are blocking a person who is in your friends list then he/she will gets unfriend from your list automatically.

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