BHIM App Send Money To Aadhaar Numbers Steps In Detail Check Now

If you have always wanted an app where you can send money and do not have to be worried about you misuse of your card and your information details. Then, your wait is finally over, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has launched a new app called Bhim that allows users to send and receive money using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

Do not worry, if you’re not sure on how to use this app, here in post BHIM App Send Money To Aadhaar Numbers we will tell you all the details about the app and how you use it.

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BHIM App Send Money To Aadhaar Numbers Steps In Detail Check Now

BHIM App Send Money

The major intention of this app is to transfer the money among the users base on the Aadhar numbers also. This Bhim app lets you send money directly to the recipient’s Aadhaar number via the BHIM app.

It can be useful if the recipient doesn’t have a virtual payment address (VPA) for UPI, as an alternative to entering their account number and bank’s IFSC. There are some caveats to paying via Aadhaar via the BHIM app. Most of the bank apps uses the account number and IFSC codes to ¬†transfer the amounts. But this app is used to based on the Aadhar number.

To use this app majorly the user to whom you’re sending amount should have Aadhar linked to their bank account.¬†If he is not linked then the transferring amount via aadhar won’t work .

Secondly, BHIM doesn’t show the account holder’s name (to prevent people from misusing the app to surface Aadhaar numbers), so double-check the number carefully before sending money. To use this app firstly it should be installed in your smart phones. You can download the app for free from the play store.

Here is how you can send money to aadhar number with Bhim App


  1. Open the BHIM application on your phone.
  2. Tap Send Money.
  3. Tap the three dots on the top-right.
  4. After that Choose Aadhaar Pay.
  5. Enter the recipient’s Aadhaar number.
  6. Tap Verify. This will check if the Aadhaar number is linked to a bank account.
  7. The next step will show you the person’s Aadhaar number. Make sure you double-check this as it doesn’t show the account holder’s name.
  8. Enter the amount and a reason for payment.
  9. Tap Pay.

That’s how you send money to an Aadhaar number via the BHIM app. Its very simple to transfer using aadhar number using BHIM app.

Here are some of the most asked questions about Bhim App

Q. What is Bhim Website?

Ans: Here is the link to Bhim website

Q. Who can use Bhim App?

Ans: As per the Bhim App official website, anyone with a bank account + registered mobile number + debit card can use Bhim App.

Q. Where can I send money using BHIM?

Ans- To any bank account using the virtual address or mobile number or Aadhaar number linked to that account or Account number and IFSC code.

Q. Bhim app free download

Ans: Yes, you can download Bhim app for free. To download Bhim app for Android, check this link. To download Bhim app on iOS, please check this link.

Q. Where to download Bhim App APK

Ans- Please download Bhim App Apk from Here.

Q. How to download Bhim app for PC and Bhim app for windows

Ans- You will first have to download the Bluestack emulator that allows users to install apps on their PC. Once to download the emulator, please follow this article here to download the Bhim app for PC.

Q. What is UPI Pin?

Ans- UPI PIN is a four or six digit number that is set by the customers on BHIM after the registration process. UPI PIN is used for authenticating all transactions done on UPI platform (BHIM or *99# or UPI apps)

Why Was Bhim App Launched:

After one of the toughest decision taken by the government of India to curb the issue of black money and corruption, Demonetization was announced. This decision gave a way to digital payments in India.

The online amount transfers became main means in exchanging of amount. A user friendly app and a trust worthy app was required to exchange the currency via online. At that crisis time BHIM is an app developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) that allows people to send and receive money using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). The app currently is only available on Android and it just launched a new feature called Aadhaar payments.